Thursday, 31 March 2011

My new obsession - tins!!

I've only quite recently started a vintage tin collection   ,now of course I can't walk by the blimmen things . Here's one I got today  ,quite gorgeous it's a Peak and Frean &  Co  Ltd .    then a couple of  couple of tea caddy's  already in my collection and my favourite of all ,  it's unmarked but really striking  ,  sorry terrible photos ,camera needs charging I think .    I had a rest day today ,finally gave in ,and apart from going to Gp and calling onto the op shop on the way home from school, because Mr T wanted to!! he buys anything to do with old cars and New York pictures etc ,he is obsessed with New York!!   I didn't  do much at all .the was  nausea quite bad today  ,It feels like morning sickness  ,not fair !  I've been there done that!! .  I've been asked what sort of cancer I have ,it's called liposarcoma  ,those are what the tumours are called   ,latest couple are in my ovaries ,hence the need for a Hysterectomy to remove them and take away the risk of it spreading in that area.     I  also had visit from my mum and my daughter and grandchildren   ,I hate not feeling well when they come    .  Thanks to the two lovely ladies for your comments ,  Cate I hope you rest as much as you can , your illness can be  extremely exhausting .   Yay  Friday tomorrow ! means sleep ins Saturday for everyone doesn't it!!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tiredness Can Really be a Pain.....

I am not really feeling the joys of life tonight  , I had a good day all up but the overwhelming tiredness so gets to me at times ,like today.   I know I have to expect it ,and I don't get enough sleep   ,but  I hate not doing anything I think it's a waste of a day now to give into my body and it telling me to rest .  Silly probably, stupid definitely  ,   I'm a trained nurse too and a avid reader of google about everything my oncologist has told me NOT to research!

I think too, that keeping busy is therapeutic ,but sometimes I'm sure it's a coping mechanism ,so the horrible ,dark thoughts are kept at bay .   I've been told how well I cope and have faced everything ,which I do appreciate ,  but I see the worrying looks that people who love me give me, and  I get so sad ,for them for me ,for  everyone who has this horrible thing called cancer , but the one constant thought in my head everyday is "Thank god it's me who has it and not my precious children and grandchildren , or my fabulous nieces and nephews  "  and I'm going to be around for a long   long time to watch them all grow up .  That thought I think is the best medicine I can ever have.   

Right on to the reveal  of my table and chairs   ,I'm glad I imagined the worst of everything wrong   about it last night ,because  guess what it does of course!!!   have things wrong I mean   ,no borer as such but a lot more mould on one of the chairs ,and the table is more wobbly than I remembered , but I still love it and there is nothing that a bit/lot of TLC won't fix eventually .  I gave it a good clean and a polish with good old pledge!  my gosh that stuff has improved!!     Now you all  now know I don't normally use furniture polish  he he  ,I damp dust  all the time and that seems to suffice   ,most of my furniture is a Matt white or distressed   ,anyway now I have polished everything and I feel like  I have rediscovered an old  toy!!   I tell you it doesn't take much to make me happy these days !!

So there she is  , oh and thanks all for listening ,just writing things down tonight has lifted my spirits a lot . PS as much as vertical blinds are practical and easy to look after  ,Im longing to put something else window treatment wise up .just looking at thoses photos now it  so needs something else ,I  know the landlords wouldn't mind  ,any ideas anyone for cheap and pretty??

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I just knew it would become mine .......

Last week when I walked into my local Sallies .I   immediately saw a gorgeous dining suite  ,I literally went 'ohhhhhhhhhhh '  . Then I looked at the price tag and went' ...... , (insert not so family friendly word) ,so I gazed at it a bit longer and went around the shop  ,that was the day I got the bread bin .

Anyway....... (can you feel the suspense )  two days later I trotted in there again  ,  and there it still was ,just sitting there saying 'You need me ,you need me'  .  I said' Oh no ,,too dear sorry'   in a firm sort of way in my head, and wandered off  ,with only the tiniest of backward glances  .

Soooo (are you sick of me yet??)   I forgot all about it over the weekend  ,too busy with my nose stuck in a book--Elizabeth Buchan  - Perfect love   ,she's a lot like Joanna Trollope ..  .  But today I popped in there on the way to school  ,and it wasn't there  .  Or so I  thought!!  Went out to the back of the shop and there it was  ,so I  walked over to admire again ,  happen to notice the price tag and did a double take  ,the suite had been dropped in price by a lot and I mean a lot!! so I thought,  'What is a girl to do ?'    that took about a second ,and I was off to the counter before you could say table ....

I bring it home tomorrow .    I'll put some pics up  then.  Got to love a bargain  as they say, and no I'm not going to say how much because I don't think anyone would believe me !!!  and of course now I'm thinking it's got about 96 things wrong with it  that I didn't bother checking out !! and I'll be in tears tomorrow night looking at the borer holes that I thought were part of the design the day before!!  (can you see where op shopping can seem like a form of madness?   ) .                      Do you like my cute new sign?
I put it above the stove in the hope it might inspire me to actually  enjoy  cooking again instead of going at it like a wild woman throwing hunks of meat to the lions.   I must get to bed  ,just so I can lie awake worrying instead)   but hey at least it's pushed the worries about the big C aside for the day!!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

She's Half Done ......

The bread bin that is   ,here's the first bit which is about as exciting to look at as ....well ,watching paint dry.... the paint is gold although I admit it looks a rather sickly ,wishy washy yellow  ,it's actually a really pretty colour, truely!!
I wish I could get the hang of laying out the photos !!!!!!! /anyway here's the top bit with her pretty roses done
Still alot of sealer coats and varnish to go , I am up tooo late yet again so will carry on tomorrow ,or today by the look of the clock.  Just have to thank you Catherine for understanding my dilemma re wanting Goddess like status ,and I agree ,  what is it with worrying about the state of one's hair if you are going to be home all day !   I'd just get paint in it anyway, and varnish which is actually a wee bit like a styling  gel when I think about it so I am thinking of my hair.!                                                         

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Domestic Goddess

In my head ,this is me ,every morning, whipping up some breakfast delight for Mr T , muffins or pancakes ,or fruit bread (not sure if one can actually whip up fruit bread between 7.30 and 8) but I digress . He'd be sitting at the table with his freshly squeezed orange juice ,all dressed ,hair brushed ,perusing his spelling notebook . I would place his muffins /pancakes/fruit-bread(what is fruit-bread?)  in front of him and serenely drink my first breakfast cup of coffee ,whilst chatting about the state of the world to expand his knowledge.   I would be dressed ,fully made up ,with my hair shining (in the sunlight filtering through the french doors)....

Hmmmmm (sorry just had to wake myself up from my dream)   this wee picture is the reality !!!  Shove the muffins (bought) into toaster while calling(yelling?) out to Mr T to hurry up ,get ,dressed ,where's your notebook ,   get your notebook,    no you can't play with Jude(kitten) and find your shoes!  gulping my first coffee    and racing to the bathroom to drag a brush through my hair, then back to throw another pack of bought biccies into his lunchbox  ,and ignoring the dishes that need putting away  .     I know this Domestic Goddess is in me somewhere !  this will be the new me after my next operation .  Whilst recovering I'm going to write lists and read recipe books , envisage daily my new goddess like person. ........Watch this space!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Finishing off my jewelery box.....and Memories....

 I did a lot more reading today  ,and still no sanding!! but I did touch up my little jewelry box ,had to paint the little draw as before, I found it hard to get it open ,so I managed to get it done so just waiting for it to dry, so I guess I was a little bit productive ,oh and I cooked a roast!! believe me it's cause for celebration in this house because, A , I just don't enjoy cooking like I used to and B , Sunday was always roast day when M was alive and T and I have always found Sundays a bit difficult to get through since ..too many memories I guess ,but it was good tonight as T had a little cry and put his Dads' photo on the table while he was eating , It was such a sweet gesture I had tears in my eyes too .
I love how our son is so open with his grieving ,he helps me a lot , as at times I keep a lot of my feelings inside about M .

Have a good week everyone.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Linen ,Lace ,a, clock and a plate...

A few more of my collectables ,I love them all  ,especially my new/old retro alarm clock  ,she is probably 1950's  .  Oh and I still haven't got sanding yet!! had such a lazy day  ,spent most of the afternoon curled up with a book .....bliss.

Fluffing around ......

Instead of starting my sanding of  the bread-bin I have been organising my new crafting bookcase .  My corner of the lounge is now quite crowded but everything is at hand now . My desk always looks like a work in progress so excuse the messy look!  but I'm determined to keep the bookcase in at least some semblance of tidiness.  (yeah right Kim).

Bread bin make-over ..before

I'm starting tomorrow on this bread bin that I picked up at the Sallies for the grand total of $2.00 !

So  here are some before shots and I'll update my progress ,I'll take my time on this one, as I think I overdid it this week so am a bit tired ,and there will be a bit more sanding to be done on her ( can you call a bread bin a her?)  I'll be naming her next!!

Feeling Okay.

I woke up this morning in surprisingly good spirits ,I had a bit of a rough night ,lots going through my head but manged some sleep .  I spent the day pottering about and finished my new decoupage piece ,a little tray .I am really happy with it . I just have to add the little rope handles which are drying ,I painted them a steel grey to match the grey distressing.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Not So Good Stuff.....

This is hard to write as I am in a bit of shock I guess ,but I need to write it down ,even if no one reads it for awhile. That will change though as I am ready to link my blog to my family and friends as I think it will help all of us in this next stage of mine.

I had an Oncology appointment today I,had an inkling when the doctor called me in to the room as he has been the one to give me bad news before .  He had the results of my CT Scan taken last week  .  I now have tumours on my ovaries .(the tumours I had and are susceptable to, are  Liposarcomas ) They are malignant tumours . I now have to have a Hysterectomy to remove  my ovaries and everything else .

I had a cry ,yell ,scream, when i got back to the car and drove off . I had called into St Vincents Church shop in Onehunga before my appointment and the lovely lady put some things away for me as they didn't have eftpos ,so I went back with some cash . I wish to thank those lovely women ,because I must have looked a right mess ,! I didn't say anything to them and maybe they didn't notice .....but yhey were so nice I calmed down a bit and had a better look around and of course spied something else to get!!  Not even bad news can stop me !!

Must go now as I have to get   T from school  .....

Waiting for sealer to dry.........

I thought, while I was waiting for the sealer to do it's thing, I would do some dusting  with the help? of Jude my kitten !! My bedside chair is getting rather crowded ,I have books everywhere! beside the bed ,on the bed ,probably under it too !! I was about to shift the books on the chair when Jude decided to play with the book tower on the other side!! ,so spent the dusting time re-stacking it !!  Was taking some images when the batteries started going flat so no pictures of the book slide ,I guess Jude had fun,,,he is so cute that I forgive him everytime.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Big Thank You....

Thankyou so much Sherry  for the comment you left for me ,and of course for being my first follower.  It is very much appreciated.

Wednesdays Collectables......

Added a few more cuties to my ever growing collection. I had an amazing day yesterday Op shopping and received a gorgeous cushion that I  bought on Trade Me.  Another J Meakin bowl and dish and a so so kitsch Tea caddy  . (also from trade me) all absolute bargains of course . Oh and a gorgeous crown Lynn jug. I love jugs ,mainly  the milk and cream jugs. 

A gorgeous book about Decoupage from a second hand bookstore  ,haven't had a good read yet ,but it does talk about Wallpaper paste !  Absolutely gorgeous images in it. once again excuse the photography ,I am learning!!


Well I have finally started my new craft  ,I had the most enjoyable time yesterday and I'm very pleased with my efforts ! ,for once I have NOT  been impatient  lol .  I decoupaged a pencil holder (I brought a kit from a lovely lady from Creative design ,at the Auckland craft fair last week .  W
hen I get my photo uploads to work ,I  can show off my finished produsts. I also painted /distressed a little jewlery box that I picked up at the Sallies ,and decoupaged that too .

I have started a little tray ,which I will leave to dry overnight ,it's definitely bedtime as I didn't finish the others untill the earky hours this morning. Will hopefully have some images up tomorrow.

Well amazingly that worked!  Please excuse the surrounding mess! I will take some more in a decent setting in a few days. Yay that worked too!! (I am such a novice!)

Here is a little favourite space in my home (that didn't lad the other day) anyway ..... I reaaly meant the second one ,it's the little conservatory off the kitchen ,A lovely room to sit in the sun ,although it can get too hot .

Well I've really got to get to bed !

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A corner of my home

Still learning!!

I feel so dumb ,just did a rather long post in the comments section! .

So here we go again! ,hopefully I will have more time this week to concentrate on the blog, ended up having quite a busy weekend .

Picked up my gorgeous new Antique vege seller stand .I spent a bit of time arranging and re-arranging and it;s still not quite right ,but I will keep pottering and try to get it how I want it. i will add photo shortly.

Must get to bed ,someone has to get the child up in the morning!

Friday, 18 March 2011

My new Blog !! ( I don't know what I am Doing!!)

Hello and welcome to my new blog!! Can you tell I have never blogged before ??

My first post will be very short as it is rather late here ,or very early morning . I will continue tomorrow /today when I have had some sleep ,but I will say I am looking forward to this new journey into the blog world. ........