Thursday, 31 March 2011

My new obsession - tins!!

I've only quite recently started a vintage tin collection   ,now of course I can't walk by the blimmen things . Here's one I got today  ,quite gorgeous it's a Peak and Frean &  Co  Ltd .    then a couple of  couple of tea caddy's  already in my collection and my favourite of all ,  it's unmarked but really striking  ,  sorry terrible photos ,camera needs charging I think .    I had a rest day today ,finally gave in ,and apart from going to Gp and calling onto the op shop on the way home from school, because Mr T wanted to!! he buys anything to do with old cars and New York pictures etc ,he is obsessed with New York!!   I didn't  do much at all .the was  nausea quite bad today  ,It feels like morning sickness  ,not fair !  I've been there done that!! .  I've been asked what sort of cancer I have ,it's called liposarcoma  ,those are what the tumours are called   ,latest couple are in my ovaries ,hence the need for a Hysterectomy to remove them and take away the risk of it spreading in that area.     I  also had visit from my mum and my daughter and grandchildren   ,I hate not feeling well when they come    .  Thanks to the two lovely ladies for your comments ,  Cate I hope you rest as much as you can , your illness can be  extremely exhausting .   Yay  Friday tomorrow ! means sleep ins Saturday for everyone doesn't it!!!


  1. Love those tins you do know they will take over the house :)
    cate x

  2. I love those tins especially the square ones there fab. Sorry you have been feeling sick today i hope it passes for you. hugs dee x

  3. Gorgeous!! I have recently become excited by tins too as I have started making my own bread and just couldn't bear with putting it in a plastic container!! I did not have any luck finding vintage ones though, where do you find them?


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