Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I just knew it would become mine .......

Last week when I walked into my local Sallies .I   immediately saw a gorgeous dining suite  ,I literally went 'ohhhhhhhhhhh '  . Then I looked at the price tag and went' ...... , (insert not so family friendly word) ,so I gazed at it a bit longer and went around the shop  ,that was the day I got the bread bin .

Anyway....... (can you feel the suspense )  two days later I trotted in there again  ,  and there it still was ,just sitting there saying 'You need me ,you need me'  .  I said' Oh no ,,too dear sorry'   in a firm sort of way in my head, and wandered off  ,with only the tiniest of backward glances  .

Soooo (are you sick of me yet??)   I forgot all about it over the weekend  ,too busy with my nose stuck in a book--Elizabeth Buchan  - Perfect love   ,she's a lot like Joanna Trollope ..  .  But today I popped in there on the way to school  ,and it wasn't there  .  Or so I  thought!!  Went out to the back of the shop and there it was  ,so I  walked over to admire again ,  happen to notice the price tag and did a double take  ,the suite had been dropped in price by a lot and I mean a lot!! so I thought,  'What is a girl to do ?'    that took about a second ,and I was off to the counter before you could say table ....

I bring it home tomorrow .    I'll put some pics up  then.  Got to love a bargain  as they say, and no I'm not going to say how much because I don't think anyone would believe me !!!  and of course now I'm thinking it's got about 96 things wrong with it  that I didn't bother checking out !! and I'll be in tears tomorrow night looking at the borer holes that I thought were part of the design the day before!!  (can you see where op shopping can seem like a form of madness?   ) .                      Do you like my cute new sign?
I put it above the stove in the hope it might inspire me to actually  enjoy  cooking again instead of going at it like a wild woman throwing hunks of meat to the lions.   I must get to bed  ,just so I can lie awake worrying instead)   but hey at least it's pushed the worries about the big C aside for the day!!!!


  1. I LOVE your new kitchen sign xxx

  2. Hi Thanks for your comment
    I do a lot of decoupage it's very theraputic, I'm dabbling in a bit of reworked vintage jewelry at the moment, I love trying out new things when I can, pop over anytime :)


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