Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Well I have finally started my new craft  ,I had the most enjoyable time yesterday and I'm very pleased with my efforts ! ,for once I have NOT  been impatient  lol .  I decoupaged a pencil holder (I brought a kit from a lovely lady from Creative design ,at the Auckland craft fair last week .  W
hen I get my photo uploads to work ,I  can show off my finished produsts. I also painted /distressed a little jewlery box that I picked up at the Sallies ,and decoupaged that too .

I have started a little tray ,which I will leave to dry overnight ,it's definitely bedtime as I didn't finish the others untill the earky hours this morning. Will hopefully have some images up tomorrow.

Well amazingly that worked!  Please excuse the surrounding mess! I will take some more in a decent setting in a few days. Yay that worked too!! (I am such a novice!)

Here is a little favourite space in my home (that didn't lad the other day) anyway ..... I reaaly meant the second one ,it's the little conservatory off the kitchen ,A lovely room to sit in the sun ,although it can get too hot .

Well I've really got to get to bed !

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