Sunday, 27 March 2011

Finishing off my jewelery box.....and Memories....

 I did a lot more reading today  ,and still no sanding!! but I did touch up my little jewelry box ,had to paint the little draw as before, I found it hard to get it open ,so I managed to get it done so just waiting for it to dry, so I guess I was a little bit productive ,oh and I cooked a roast!! believe me it's cause for celebration in this house because, A , I just don't enjoy cooking like I used to and B , Sunday was always roast day when M was alive and T and I have always found Sundays a bit difficult to get through since ..too many memories I guess ,but it was good tonight as T had a little cry and put his Dads' photo on the table while he was eating , It was such a sweet gesture I had tears in my eyes too .
I love how our son is so open with his grieving ,he helps me a lot , as at times I keep a lot of my feelings inside about M .

Have a good week everyone.


  1. **hugs**
    Hold those memories and traditions close - celebrate the roast and all it means xxx
    Isn't if 'funny' how certain things bring those memories to the surface . . . to this day I can't smell gin, revlon red lipstick or peppermints with out crying ;'(

  2. Hi Kim thanks for your comments am about to try loading pics AGAIN so watch this space. I lost my partner 17yrs ago and there are still certain things, songs,smells, places that reduce me to tears. Not aday goes by when I don't think of him even though I'm now with the lovely (if somewhat grumpy) G. Love your blog and will sign up as a follower. Have a nice day
    Pene x x


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