Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tears, A Tantrum ,and Tea Cosy's

I'm very tired and upset tonight so this will be a short post. I had a phone call today from the gynae/onco nurse ,to tell me my surgery has been 'put off' , My original surgeon is not happy for me to have the ovary tumour removal as yet, he wants to see me on Friday,and discuss options? what options are left I don't know. I am so angry at the change .I mean you build yourself up for an op .I am pretty open to whatever needs to be done in regards to my cancer ,but it is so tiring ,I'm getting sicker by the week ,and I'm so tired of it ,I need to know definites ,and i think any cancer patient would say the same .It;s really hard to keep 'up' and positive but you do it because you know it all helps but I can't have the Pollyanna outlook all the time when this sort of crap happens (please excuse language ,it would be worse ,but this is a family show)  So I had a tantrum! I've said earlier they do help!!  . but my crocheting,  along with being relaxing , is actually producing!  I've made a tea cosy , it's certainly not great,and it looks like it would fit a Giant's tea pot , but it has a certain charm I think, and the bright colours give me a lift!  I'm just going to sew it up and start another. thanks for listening .