Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm finding the floor! slowly but surely!!!

I  have scrubbed the place like u woulnt believe!!  i cant wait till i can start to accesorise the laundry ,ive so many ideas  .im painting as well ,once im well enough again so cant wait to start!  i foun d these cute we curtains and they hav made such a difference.  everythin will be white so will start with a clean slate!   stilll so muct to do in the next few days b fore the op ,i want things as done as possible !  
I felt really good to day after a sleep in so was an easy day today .  A fair few nerves tho at times thinking bout the operation ,i get the shivers! ,weird weird feeling ! the big unknown and all that!  but i cant stay as i am,i'll just get worse ,so not a heck of a lot of choice huh?  living in my bubble world helps! yay for drugs!!   gosh that sounds terrible huh ,life savers they are!   im on dexamethasone  ,wicked side affect but rather be on them than off ! gosh see how i go on!! i center on something and go on and on and on . ANYWAY  back to cleaning and fussing ,tomorrw im doing more sorting ,i have alot of 'stuff'' that just needs throwing ,i was, am,such a hoarder ,so ive got to get tough and just chuck it!!!!    mind you ive turned into a major neat freak too ,i hope that lasts!!    flip this typing is hard!! wish i coud do spell check ,but i dont no how to do t i anymore!!!!   im driving nt family and friends nuts i know! poor thing s,they don't know this kim ! im bolshi ,bitchy ,blatently rude at times ,it just comes out of my mouth! ,me who usually watches my words! quite liberating to be honest!!   but yeah im shocking a few people thats for sure  ,i wonder how much of that i will lose? good thing about his blog i can look back  .......and probably cringe !!!!!  interesting........gee ive gone all about ME again havn't i !!  making up for lost time  huh  ? and why is the
? mark so hard to find ???????????????????????????????????????????? there that should do it!!!!!!!

well id better log off before 4 hours go by  ,here's my morning roses