Thursday, 7 April 2011

An Afternoon with Maia and no Cabinet arranging !!

My Girl

This is my gorgeous, adorable, grand daughter ,she has just turned one and is the light of my life ,a cliche maybe but so true!! . She was toddling around the furniture picking up 'things " (  read breakable!) ,so I led her towards my sewing box ,a treasure I picked up a while ago,  (do you like how I say' my sewing box' -I don't sew!) anyway here she is .

She really looks the part doesn't she!!  unlike her Grand mother , I don't think the lace has seen the light of day since I put it in there!  I would love to be able to turn bits of lace and things into something, I am looking at borrowing a sewing machine and having a go at cushions ,so here's hoping!! .   My daughter (Maias mum) has the Baking gene, (which I don;t have) ! I'm not a baker ,but A does lovely baking all from scratch too! a lot of it egg and dairy free as well ,she amazes me,but I can't brag that it comes from me!!

I forgot to show these cute little nursery rhyme dishes that I also found yesterday , there were only two of them ,but they look like they are part of a series they say on the back 'Midwinter Stylecraft, Staffordshire . I will probably put them in Maias' room when she moves into her own room at home.

And's alright I'll stop soon! Look at this, all you lovers of  Vintage ' Ladies Accessories ',a vintage travel case , I was amazed at the fabulous condition of it ,I wish I had found out more of it's history.

Have a great weekend !!!!!!!

Time for a cabinet re-arrange and 'Cute Mice"

I am going to attack this tomorrow !! ,it's bugged me for ages and I'm going to do it!! (and find something for the shoes!) 

Here is a couple of cute finds I got today  ,a cute little print of an old Tobacconist/Confectionary shop and meet Maude ,Molly ,Thea ,and Jeronimo ?(Mr T 's  contribution)  (yes we named them) the lady at the op shop insisted I have all 4! for the grand total of $2.00 and the little print was also $2.00 . Cute aren't they (I think!) I know Maia my grand daughter will love them!! Please excuse the over use of 'Cute"  the detail in them is quite something.