Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Not So Good Stuff.....

This is hard to write as I am in a bit of shock I guess ,but I need to write it down ,even if no one reads it for awhile. That will change though as I am ready to link my blog to my family and friends as I think it will help all of us in this next stage of mine.

I had an Oncology appointment today I,had an inkling when the doctor called me in to the room as he has been the one to give me bad news before .  He had the results of my CT Scan taken last week  .  I now have tumours on my ovaries .(the tumours I had and are susceptable to, are  Liposarcomas ) They are malignant tumours . I now have to have a Hysterectomy to remove  my ovaries and everything else .

I had a cry ,yell ,scream, when i got back to the car and drove off . I had called into St Vincents Church shop in Onehunga before my appointment and the lovely lady put some things away for me as they didn't have eftpos ,so I went back with some cash . I wish to thank those lovely women ,because I must have looked a right mess ,! I didn't say anything to them and maybe they didn't notice .....but yhey were so nice I calmed down a bit and had a better look around and of course spied something else to get!!  Not even bad news can stop me !!

Must go now as I have to get   T from school  .....


  1. O my i am so very sorry to read your post, i don't know of your past history. I can understand totaly how your feeling its a huge part of your women and motherhood. But at least they found them and hoepfully once done you can look forwards in your life and not back. hugs dee x


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