Friday, 27 January 2012

Good day .....except for rain ,

I had a couple of sales ,then the rain came down ,as we know that's our city !   ,still I slept for a couple of hours and then sorted the garage sale stuff a bit better .I've got to go up to the top of the road at about 6 to put a sign up ,not if its more blimen rain though . I don't mind how long its going to take to get the stuff gone ,   I   really dont want to take it with me so anything not gone will be taken to the Sallies .  I was suprised at myself  at what I'm letting go ,  a few things I thought I couldn't part with     ,I did  ,as they say only keep what you love or if you haven't used it for a year get  rid!  Tiare helped out there, he said 'no mum you do love that ,and that one can go cos it annoys you when you trip over it lol! its a lamp which for some reason  I  had on the floor ,I did break  it a while  ago   but it is fixable ,but me trying to fix it = more breakage lol.

I found Tiares camera and got a bit of a shock ,there was a photo of me the week or so after  I  got out of hospital,  after my 2010  liposarcoma in my stomach operation ,and   I  was staying at my mother's  ,I  don't really remember that time well at all . I can't believe how thin I was ,and look hair! ,I had  the strangest feeling ,like looking at a stranger ,me, but not .  Talk about one extreme to the next! now I'm 3x the size ! and bald ! this really is a yo yo illnesss ,or journey this cancer business!