Saturday, 28 May 2011

Salt and Pepper

 Cute flower salt and pepper shakers   .Some tins reduced $20.00 as one had a dent in it .A little jug.some lovely serving plates . A Candle lantern for my outside table , A watering can and another spice set.  Just a few more addition to my collections .  I love the shakers especially ,they are in perfect condition and just so sweet.  We have had another lazy day although we had a big walk around the neighbourhood . I'm just going to make us some hot corned beef sandwhiches  on lovely fresh bread from our bakery  ,yummy!   Then a night curled up on the sofa I think is in order! 


Friday, 27 May 2011

Thoughts and more thoughts.

I can't seem to stop the urge to jot down my ever rolling thoughts in my head. The urge to write has always been with me and at times the dream of writing something meaningful is quite strong , then again what do I mean by meaningful!  I have a heart full of yearning to be in another place ,surely there is something to these urges? but sitting here I know is not going to get me out the door and onto a plane to some faraway place! and its not just the travel I want ,I want to settle somewhere and experience life as it unfolds ,to look at a sunset from a different place and to wake up at dawn to watch the sunrise in a place other than mine. I wonder if it's possible to dream even more than I am ,while at the same time hoping and praying that I will be around long enough to go .  I read voraciously of women changing their lives ,some on a whim ,some because they have to, or, suffer if they stay. They inspire me and also fill me with a kind of envy and longing I think I can only liken to that primal urge to have a child ,you know the one, that constant want to fill your arms with a life you have created. I'm inspired too, to think of ways I can finance my dreams ,excited to maybe think I can go back to work full time and so the impetus to get well is  strong .I'm planning my diet so I can benefit from the goodness of fresh food, full of life enhancing vitamins and minerals .Thoughts of big hearty stews and soups cooked the old fashioned way on the stove ,simmering away for hours so the flavours combine and become mouthwatering just breathing in the aroma. Or planning my summer garden so I can have fresh lettuces and home grown tomatoes ripened in the sun, that taste like no other .I get lots of ideas whilst walking ,oh the times I put off going for a walk ,what was I missing! even in the cold air and the rain sometimes starting ,I come back for those walks full of strength and energy .No regrets though, for leaving a lot of things too late ,I'll just start again and look forward to this journey I 've started .

Saturday Lazing .

We are having a lazy hazy Saturday. I slept so deeply this morning after going back to bed at 7 , My body felt so tired yesterday ,that bone aching, heavy sort of tiredness one gets.Yesterday I had a appointment at the hospital for a colcoscopy as i had a recent abnormal smear (abnormal anything is the new normal for me so what's new!) the proccedure couldn't be performed as it was causing to much pain and discomfit ,due to the tumours in my ovaries . It was horrible and the doctor was so kind and concerned ,he basically said i was very brave for even contemplating it .I didn't want to have it done as deep down i knew it wouldn't be successful but I had to try. I will be seeing the surgeon next month so i will discuss options with him.
 So a lazy day it is! ,my white rose is still blooming! it's so pretty ,I picked a couple of buds this morning ,they still have the lovely blush of pink that they have when first opening,  It is rose planting time here so I think I will pop up to the nursery just up the road later to have a look .

I have a few more tea cosys to do .they are becoing quite popular ,I have sold a few more in the last week or so!  I have a new pattrern to try out ,it is for kniteed ones so I will attempt it today hopefully .
Finally ,my Friday snap of my girls who visit every Friday.Its a bit of a ritual .I hear a wee tap on the door and it's my my gorgeous grandaughter knocking to be let in! she is alway full of smiles for me ,just delightful, and of course her beautiful mother!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My new house! he he

I wish !  ,one of the things I love collecting is pictures of grand old homes . I bought this picture in a Op shop awhile ago . Its' a beautiful home in San Francisco ,I  googled the address and it came up with a real estate photo showing the house was sold in 2002 . when I finish dreaming about moving and start doing ,what do you think?  shall I see if its up for sale again?! ha ha  .  I'd be  thrilled if someone saw this  on here and could fill me in on some of the history of it .

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Do you ever just day dream and wonder what you could be doing with your life ? I guess everyone does ,lately, or actually for awhile now, I dream of places to be . I'm reading under the Tuscan Sun while occasionally glancing out my windows to the rain steadily falling, showing that our winter is really here now,and boy am I dreaming! I've always wanted to travel but unbelievably I haven't ! life ,financial reasons etc etc have got in the way? or is it my own slackness ,my terrible tendency to procrastinate ,that has stopped me. I'm quite content Iguess and I have made many changes but heck I dream! . It's silly I'm so melancholy today ,tired and a bit more worried about where my life is going. In reality I know I have to focus on staying well or as well as Ican orI wont be doing anything! T and I often do talk about moving somewhere in NZ for about a year and this is what may happen. while he's young enough to adapt and if I find the place that suits us both we are probably going to do just that come spring. I haven't really discussed it with family or friends ,apart from joking around and voicing my Tuscany dreams out loud .I'm not running away from what I have but I would like to explore more of this change in my thinking and making more positive changes. There is so much to hold me back ,my health and my mother and grandchildren ,but one thing I do know is that life is too blimmen short and do I want to spend more time "dreaming?"...... food for thought . 
My poor T is not happy at all at the moment either ,a lot of sadness and grieving is coming up at the moment ,he is not sleeping well ,very irritable and lots of crying. He is doing a counselling programme through the school which i hope will help him tomorrow when he goes. that's the other thing should I take him away from what he knows ,his support etc just because I'm feeling like I am .He thinks it's a good idea but he's only 9 and I really have to think how it will affect him. so that is my rambling for the day . I must go and rescue my poor little pansies who have had a bit of a battering in this weather . I'm keeping an eye on another plant( pictured at the top) ,its supposed to start flowering for the winter soon , It's looking so healthy so here's hoping .I cant remember what it is called ,but it is of course purple coolured flowers ,I love any plants purple! and my lobelia has really finished looking so bright and beautiful.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Changing Rooms

Well changing and having a winter clean up of my conservatory ,it is one of my favourite places in my house ,its gets the morning sun streaming in ,great to have my morning wake up coffee in there. The only trouble is lately Meow Meow decided it is her new place too! little minx I have had a few morning surprises ,so after cleaning up after her a couple of days in a row ,I did a huge clean and hopefully she has now got the message! 

It was good to have a declutter (some may think not!) and change it around a bit .

My favourite place to read

I've been feeling really well the since the weekend too ,it was good to have the energy ,despite having a upset with a friend ,I hate conflict and I have some amazing friends in my life ,but it came to a point with this person where I had to clear the air.I have no time for 'toxic people ' in my life now, so it's now up to her ,I've said my bit and feel good about it.  Thank goodness Ive started a walking regime as going for my walks for the past few days has helped to blow away the cobwebs as it were.  Speaking of good friends though ,I have never really mentioned a truly amazing friend in my life as
I wanted to protect her privacy ,I even kept the blog from her for awhile! I told her it was like my diary and she said  'Oh Great tell the whole blimmen world about everything ,but don't tell me huh!' I laughed and promised her I will mention her (in code) so, ' Miss Pickles '  you are now mentioned !!!!!!! I'll  put this one in the book too ! it's a standing joke between us that I'm writing a book loosely based on my life and our catch phrase is 'You gotta put this in the book'!!  .  Right I'm off to cook the child  honey soy chicken and rice ,his bestest mostest  favourite meal in the world apparently ?!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I love Saturdays!

I was thinking today about how much I have always loved Saturdays, no matter what stage in my life working /not working it has always been my favourite day,my mood is always up ,rain or shine ,I get a little tingle of anticipation when I wake ,and I may not even do anything but Istill love the day.I suppose it's lots of peoples' fave day . Today Mum T and I went to what I thought was the Antique and Collectable fair ,but it's actually tomorrow ,(I really need to read the paper properly!) so hopefully will get there tomorrow ,we had a nice time though ,we had a coffee and called into the library ,and yes I got out 3 more books ,I tell you I cant help myself. I'm also doing something tomorrow that I haven't done for a long time ,I am going to Church ,I have felt the need to re-connect as it were, in my spiritual life ,it's been quite a sudden decision too ,it's not something I have pondered for a while its just like a real need ,something that I really want to do. I am a Anglican and have over the years visited and gone to many other denominations ,but the Church of England is where Iwant to go back to ,I have always loved the ritual of the Anglican service ,the taking of communion and the singing,' I love singing hymns and was once in a choir at school . I really hope I get there and will force myself out of my bed/give up my lie-in!(hopefully) Watch this space!

I've been doing my crochet ,more Cosies ,I've started what I call a' Baby Cosy' range ,they fir a on to two cup pot ,they are really quite cute! I have put these up for sale on Trade me ,(I have sold 4 others now),then I have to start all the orders for one, from my family and friends!  So busy busy! ,I really enjoy crochet though ,in some ways I can't believe I didn't discover the joys of it earlier ,must be age huh ?,I learnt to crochet years ago ,but as I remember it I never really completed anything!

Right I must get ot bed ,I dozed off on the couch for and hour or so earlier so of course I'm wide awake now!

Monday, 9 May 2011

busy birthday weekend

We had a great day on Saturday for T's birthday . lots of fun with famoly and a couple of T's school friends. His big sister made his awesome car cake ,she is so clever with her baking !doesn't get it from me that's for sure!  I was so tired after it all ! Mothers day was nice too T made me a plate with lollies in a happy face ,forgot to take a photo . I had a big sleep in too and then we went to spend some of his birthday money that was burning a hole in his pocket! .

I'm feeling really out of sorts today ,quite grumpy actually !! everyting is irritating me ,and its all for no real reason, guess its okay to have days like this? could be a bit of anti climax from the party too I guess. 

Feeling quite proud of myself though I have sold 3 of my cosy's ,and have made a couple more. Ive been a bit quite on the op shop front lately ,not buying much ,but Igot this cute little chair for Maia ,she thinks its wonderful! .  I must get going and post off the tea cosys ,very slack grumpy post today!! . Have a great day

Monday, 2 May 2011

Happy May!!

It's been a busy last few days. After talking to my liposarcoma surgeon ,we have decided against surgery at this stage. I was dreading another op for a start and the nature of my tumours is that there is no guarantee that they won't grow back. I can live with them while they aren't troubling me too much ,I wish I had asked my onco first off to consult with my surgeon and from now on this is what will happen, he is the one who knows about my type of tumour more than anyone so his take on things is better option. He also said I would have my Ileostomy Bag for the rest of my life ,so I'm going through a final acceptance stage of it at the mo. I kind of knew deep down that i would always have it.

Anyway it's May!! a busy start to the month for me ,it's Mr T's birthday on Saturday so party preparations are the top of the list! we are having it at home with friends and family .Looking froward to it actually ,I'm not going to stress about every thing having to be perfect and T is a big help with the prep! .


T on the train!
Me in the tram display hall

Aunt Daisy's Kitchen!! (loved this)




T Going into OLD COTTAGE

Naughty T Caught pulling faces at this Mama

We had a great day out last Thursday ,it was poring with rain ,but I had promised T we would go to MOTAT(museum of transport and technology) so off we went ,last time I went I wasn't impressed but this time it was fab ,lots of new exhibits ,the Kiwiana exhibits were especially great .I took so many photos,  but I wont bore you all with the whole lot!! I got drenched so excuse my gorgeous appearance and to top it off my ileo bag burst so it was a mad scramble to find a disabled toilet and this is my only complaint ,it wasn't easily found ,despite following signs ,and when you have a matter of urgency like I Do, it was distressing to say the least ,poor  Mr T complained loudly  'This is Stressing me mum ,cos I can't find it for you"!! but we still had an awesome afternoon.
This last shot of T is taken outside the house my mother grew up in ,we went for a drive to it after MOTAT as its just up the hill from it. Lots of memories!!  

Ive also been busy finishing and sewing up my tea cosies ,I've really enjoyed making them.
I've put them up for sale on
Trade Me ,some one might like to buy one for their Mum for Mother's day!!

Oh and the Royal Wedding!! wow what a fabulous occassion ,T and I loved watching every minute of it !! Have all you lovely people in England recovered yet!!
*Have a Great Week *