Sunday, 20 November 2011

so proud of this shot!

my fav shot so fae since takng pics of my roses  ,isnt she beautiful!

Welcome to Kimmy's Garden

my beautiful roses ,giveing me so much joy , i love takin my photos ,i take them just sfter sun rise . I get so much peasure from my garden .i had so many symptoms which i now no were the tumour ,i am medication which helpse the swellng /i hope i donts ound too confusing .  I am having brain surgery for a Left Frontal Parietal craniotomy and resection of mass (supine)  this was a big shock and out of the blue ! totally random really ,just my luck huh.!!! i look forawd to catching up with all your lovey blogs and renewing my memories of all your amazing talents . i have chaged my styl quite a bit ,in the house ,,my brain dose no handel much clutter so i have streamlined a lot !  and im going more to french and stiil my roses! and pinks!  thank u fro allowing me o catchup . have a woedeful  day / ps my typing will be hard 2 read at time but my brain ironically cant unerstand spell check so im very sorry if  its hard 2 read at times .