Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Backwards and forwards .......

I've been feeling quite unwell for the last couple of days ,headaches back with a vengence  . I went to my radiation assessment today and I will start after xmas ,treatment for 10 days ,so thats not too bad ,others have much longer ,but I guess they have to be careful when its a brain . The doctor there put me back on a low dose of steroid and I've
been headache free since lunch time .

One more sleep and my J is here ,we are so excited .  My home help starts tomorrow ,so of course I feel I have to clean the house before she comes !  I will let her vaccum though as I do find that difficult still ,somehow the hose becomes wrapped around my weak leg  ,it is so frustrating !

I'm hoping that my new rose will have opened by tomorrow too ,it is a new one that I haven't seen in flower  ,it should be beautiful .

We have wrapped quite a few presents ,and I'm doing the mad shop on Friday , I kept thinking I had more days  left ,oh well it will get done I guess,  plus J will be here to help .   I'm going to try and make a couple of these baby tea  cosy's in the next couple of days , hopefully ! I haven't finished the other one I started though .

baby tea cosy