Monday, 28 March 2011

She's Half Done ......

The bread bin that is   ,here's the first bit which is about as exciting to look at as ....well ,watching paint dry.... the paint is gold although I admit it looks a rather sickly ,wishy washy yellow  ,it's actually a really pretty colour, truely!!
I wish I could get the hang of laying out the photos !!!!!!! /anyway here's the top bit with her pretty roses done
Still alot of sealer coats and varnish to go , I am up tooo late yet again so will carry on tomorrow ,or today by the look of the clock.  Just have to thank you Catherine for understanding my dilemma re wanting Goddess like status ,and I agree ,  what is it with worrying about the state of one's hair if you are going to be home all day !   I'd just get paint in it anyway, and varnish which is actually a wee bit like a styling  gel when I think about it so I am thinking of my hair.!