Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tears, A Tantrum ,and Tea Cosy's

I'm very tired and upset tonight so this will be a short post. I had a phone call today from the gynae/onco nurse ,to tell me my surgery has been 'put off' , My original surgeon is not happy for me to have the ovary tumour removal as yet, he wants to see me on Friday,and discuss options? what options are left I don't know. I am so angry at the change .I mean you build yourself up for an op .I am pretty open to whatever needs to be done in regards to my cancer ,but it is so tiring ,I'm getting sicker by the week ,and I'm so tired of it ,I need to know definites ,and i think any cancer patient would say the same .It;s really hard to keep 'up' and positive but you do it because you know it all helps but I can't have the Pollyanna outlook all the time when this sort of crap happens (please excuse language ,it would be worse ,but this is a family show)  So I had a tantrum! I've said earlier they do help!!  . but my crocheting,  along with being relaxing , is actually producing!  I've made a tea cosy , it's certainly not great,and it looks like it would fit a Giant's tea pot , but it has a certain charm I think, and the bright colours give me a lift!  I'm just going to sew it up and start another. thanks for listening .

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunday Morning and the Bunny hopped inside!!!

I had my grandsons to stay last night  it has been all very exciting ,they all made signs so Easter Bunny would find them as they weren't at home ,they were all asleep earlier than I thought ! and up at seven to see what bunny brought.  Bunnyput them on the table this time so they were easier to find . Can you see T's face! he got a slightly smaller lot as the naughty bunny forgot his book that was promised him (oops) a quick explanation(lots of grovelling) saw him right. Strangely enough he would rather have a book over chocolate anyday.!


I then went hopping outside(yes I really did to the hysterics of the kids) to do the egg hunt ,I haven't got many places for hiding though so all morning the boys have been yelling 'here's another one!' I went a bit crazy with the camera even took one of me in the mirror!, thats the mirror thats speckled not chocolate all over my tee-shirt!   Now I'm off to get brunch organised for the rest of the family.  Have a great day!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Good Friday ....

I'm not sure if one says 'Happy good Friday' but I am ,we are having a lazy day at home,I'm going to cook a nice dinner for my boy and J and that's about it! .  I've got my surgery date,it's the 9th of May ,really please i don't have to wait to long ,it could have been the 2nd but I asked if I could have it a week later so we could celebrate T's 9th birthday on the 7th ,it was the only thing he asked he said 'Please Mummy can you be home for my birthday"  I came out of hospital on his birthday last year so we just had a quiet afternoon ,with a cake of course ,but this year I'm going all out for him,he deserves it,he has put up with too much for his years ,with losing his Dad and me being sick ,he amazes me all the time.

I dreamt about his Dad the night before my appointment at hospital  ,it was one of those dreams where he seemed so real  ,so full of life ,and he looked so well ,I woke in tears, and the grief came crashing down again ,I guess I 'd like to think he visited me in my dreams to let me know he was around and watching over me ,it was a bit of comfort to think that. We had a rocky ride of a relationship ,M and I ,but god I loved him and he me ,his health was terrible and we always knew he wouldn't live to a great age ,but the shock of his death won't ever go away ,for T especially.  Here they are,  like two peas in a pod!  it was them to a T!!  even down to the matching jackets .
Well I'm off to read my book ,Can you believe I have 10 books to read ,T and I joined the library yesterday (,well rejoined ) ,so I got a few more to add to the pile I had already.  Have a lovely day .

Monday, 18 April 2011

Stunning Autumn Afternoon ..a lazy day at home

Good afternoon and its gorgeous in west Auckland .  Just listening to my lawns being mowed ,housework's done ,just me at home ,it's lovely!  .  Mind you have to laugh at my lawn mower man ,he works in his own time and lo and behold if I dare to ask for a change of day !! he is supposed to come Mondays ,bit wet here yesterday ,so quite pleasantly surprised he turned up today!!  .

Had quite a busy day yesterday ,had  A and kids came yesterday and Mum and my niece who is staying with Nana for a few days. she is getting so grown up -(12) and she would probably hate me saying that!   I went op shopping in the afternoon  and picked up a pile of linen/tablecloths etc from mum's .  I need to iron it all ,some great retro pieces ! that I remember from years ago ,so thanks Mum.   Met a lovely lady who came to pick up a retro bread bin that I had sold her  ,Lovely to meet you M and thanks for your lovely comments about my house/collections .  My new Tea cosy arrived too, so cute for Easter!  this little cabinet was a bargain at $15.00  ,its in pretty good condition .  Love the little plate it is soooo me at the moment!  the crafty books were a couple of dollars each ,nothing else over $5.00. I was also looking for some jeans for Maia but the little girls winter clothing seems to be getting snapped up as the weather gets colder. The little print of the chair and geraniums was one I got last week  ,its a very pretty little picture. ,and the egg cups! I swore I would never collect egg cups ,but what do I do!!!???  ,and tea cosies well that a given lol ,I'm going to try and knit one myself or  crochet , if I can find an easy enough pattern.  Well I'm off to continue my lazy day ,Uk Tv ,book , my new' Your Home and Garden'  and crochet  ,multi tasking !!   Looks like I have stabbed the ball of wool with the blimmin crochet hook doesn't it!! (I really am enjoying it, truly!!)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pink phones and cute kittens ....

I have had another great weekend ,stayed at home mostly just pottering around . On Friday Miss cuteness aka Maia and a came in for their usual Friday visit ,we went and did a bit of shopping , Princess had a cold but she was her usual happy self  ,very cute in her new boots. T went on holiday down to his Nana's ,he has rung every night since but seems like he is having a good time ,although he said he may come home earlier than planned (oh how unusual !)  he gets so homesick! 

My  retro pink phone arrived on Friday ,I love it she is called Penelope ? for some reason it reminded me of Penelope from Thunder birds  ?? yes I  know I'm nuts!! isn't she just so cool!!  .I just have to get the connection changed so I can use it.   I have been crocheting madly too ,look at my pile now! (it's going to be one crazy blanket!)  and I got another retro spice set to add to that collection ! ...  and the kittens!!! who would have thought this time last week I would get a shot of them together!! honestly they fight all day and then I walked into the lounge this afternoon and there they were!! ,I guess they were both asleep for about an hour like this!    to top the afternoon off I made a yummy pumpkin soup and J made an Apple crumble so we had a lovely dinner  .  Looking froward to the morning no getting up early for T  ,Ive been lucky really as J had done the morning school run for the last week ,but I was still up with T to get his breakfast ,but it will be nice not having to do any thing much tomorrow morning . I've got my Gynae /Oncology specialist appointment on Wednesday , a bit nervous but hey, it needs to be got through and hopefully I will get a surgery date.   Have a great week!!

Oh and I'd almost forgotten ,this is the gorgeous vintage women's magazine called 'Stitch' I found the pattern for the squares in ,I found a pile of these magazines at the op shop last week .It  was a popular women's mag in the 40' 50' and 60's I think  my mum remembered it well . I will copy out the pattern properly tomorrow ,I thought I had done a decent close up or should i say I asked my daughter too ! but we both said we have to fiddle around with the camera more(maybe I should actually read the instructions!).... now I must find where my blog list has gone!! I keep losing things off my pages! do you think I need a computer course!!!!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where has the week gone! and yes, I say this every week! so here's Thursday's rambling(raving)

Thursday ,how  the heck did it get to be Thursday? I'm actually trying to recall what I did yesterday???? guess it's because i haven't been feeling too great (again)  a bit nauseated ,and the usual tiredness and PAIN ,yes it's in capitals because i was knocked sideways by some sort of blimmen pain ,deep sharp and blimmen horrible. immediately the thoughts of "is this it ? is this the dreaded Big C pain ,etc etc ,I don't know but it brought me almost to my knees ,and I cried ,I don't usually cry and I guess it was because of the suddenness of it .,but it  passed almost as quickly as it came ,so I'll live in my world of Denial ,I  guess it's denial ,and not think about it! I yelled at the pain though ,told it to bog off and please don't come back ,Felt good the bit of yelling !! ,good time to do it is in the car ,What people must think of me when they see this slightly deranged looking women with facial expressions that would horrify normal sane people  , never fear I drive safely ,just a lot of grimacing and talking/shouting to myself.   I have a new relaxation though  ,I started crocheting again ,I haven't crocheted for years and I'm not very good , but I'm so enjoying it ,Mum had to give me a quick refresher course ,but I've done three squares!! all different tensions etc but I'm sure I'll improve!??? (please all nod your heads enthusiastically ,thankyou)  so just watch my pile of squares grow for my new Blankie .  I added yet another sign to my sign collection (all of two now) but it will be yet another collection to add to all the rest ! It's gorgeous ,hope I can find a semi decent photo. .. Sorry not  a close up ,it says Grandma's Kitchen Memories are Made here ,cute ! and we now have a notice board that , hopefully I will actually notice the notices! (what are my chances)  I think it cost about $3.00 all up ,got the board for 50c and I put a few stickers on it!  Haven't the energy to do much else!

 I found another bottle for my little garden too ,looks like an old whiskey bottle ,or reminds me of one anyway.  Oh and I made a cake this morning ,long story short ,T had a cake stall this morning and as I was too tired last night to make it , I whipped it up this morning to be ready In time for the stall , poor J offered to take it for me ,well the thing was still warm when I iced it so the poor woman had to take a dripping cake to the stall for me ,she hastily explained and apologised for me, she told the cake stall ladies that the cake was made with love, lots and lots of love!!lol , well guess what My cake sold like hotcakes(pun intended!)   T said it was yummy and lots of people said so !! I have a photo of the whipping of cake (long story too) and please all remember I am not Nigella! and No that isn't a empty packet of cake mix that you see ,it's um a decoration . yes, well ,they said it had to be Homemade so I figure Made at Home is the same thing! and the icing WAS made from scratch!!   Well must get to bed ,here's hoping for a good day tomorrow .

Monday, 11 April 2011

Warning ........ This post could cause itching ....Argh!!!

Yes, today people we are going to talk about NITS !!! (yell and stamp feet more like!)  You know my wee mention of the child needing a haircut ,well I thought I'd check his hair(as you do)  and yep,  you guessed it (gosh wonder how)  the child had the little blighters .... I 'm from the old school where NITS were talked about in that hush hush sort of way ,well actually my Darlin daughter got them years ago but that's a whole other story (about a certain mother on the rampage threatening mass delousing at her school,but we won't go there)  anyway I was actually quite calm this time ,I felt guilty of course, because the poor boy had mentioned his head was itching like crazy a couple of days before ,but as he tends (well always actually ) to be a bit of a drama queen ,I blithely said "oh don't be silly , maybe your hair actually should be washed tonight instead of pretending to do it while singing phantom of the opera loudly at the top of your voice.(yes he really does sing the phantom in the shower)  .anyway off I trotted to the pharmacy and got into an intense nit discussing  conversation with another mum buying the treatment as well ,we had a right old yarn about them ,she was in a real bad way as she was onto her child's third lot of the stuff! .So that was my day ,I kept him home from school ,when I rang the school the lovely lady in the office thought that was the best thing to do, while assuring me 'No names would be mentioned' but she would inform the teacher to circulate the notice. Well hello? he wasn't there today and knowing my boy he will loudly inform everyone as he walks into class that he spent the day at home getting de-loused .  I love that child.  I wonder if the irritation got to his brain today actually ,his behaviour today had me thinking he had one of those defiant disorders that one reads about ,I sure labelled him a few things, most unprintable!   Still he's tucked up in bed relatively nit free ,takes a week to do the full treatment apparently ,and then we will shave the lot off again!! no4 here we come.   I felt a bit mean actually because I wasn't his usual serene sort of mother today(?)  so I got on with his pencil box I have been promising him for weeks ,he chose his design so hope he's pleased with it in the morning! he loves houses (so like me!) . It should be all varnished by after school tomorrow. Shoot loaded the wrong ones these are very fuzzy(mind you nothing new about that!) ,too late to change them as I must get to bed.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I Had A Fab Weekend !!

I am so happy and content tonight  ,I really did have a Fab weekend ,I have to use  all the superlatives like Fab and Awesome ,and Amazing ,etc etc etc lol ,as I can't think of any better words!  ,The weather was lovely esp Sat ,T ,Mum and I went to BHB market ,I only got a book and T a couple of matchbox cars .We then had a coffee and slice at a nice cafe ,it was a lovely morning.  In the afternoon just pottered around ,J (my friend and flattie  ) and her daughter were bringing some of her daughters things to store ,and we are also babysitting J's daughters kitten for a couple of days ,what a lot of fun that has been as Jude our boy is so jealous of course! .so we have to keep them separated ,but T picked them both up for a photo (excuse his PJ's )
he'll hate me putting this up so ssh!  our Jude is on the right ,not impressed !. Then a bit later on J took T to see some old cars up our street, the owner was getting them removed that day and said that T could have a look ,T was in heaven !! his favourite things ever are old classics . I was having a nap when all this was taking place so I'm so glad they took the camera. .  A great day ! .Sunday,  T again went with J and her family to the Derby held at the Domain ,they forgot the camera tho!! but T had another good day . I spent the day , first weeding my little garden and tidying up my pots ,with the help of Jude who thought it was a great game jumping on the pile of weeds and attacking my hands !!

Then I went to the supermarket to get a few thing s and home in time for a lovely visit from my cousin and friend ,it was so nice to see her ,she is a fab artist and was so encouraging about the decoupage ,even showed her my bread bin ! which I'm not that happy with ,but as she pointed out decoupage can be over the top and elaborate ,so that made me feel better and a bit inspired again ,I have two other things on the go so must get stuck in to it this week.   I don't usually buy flowers from the supermarket (heck that a long winded word !! lets just say, Countdown which is actually nearly as long but easier to type (but i digress(as per usual)) anyway....., I got a couple of small bunches that were reduced and they are quite lovely ,they looked a bit bedraggled earlier and oh  I 'ain't no' flower arranger!! but they are lovely to look at on top of my highly polished table(yep I'm still a bit crazy with my pledge!!)  some would say I need a life whilst rolling their eyes he he ,believe me, my friends do look at me at times as if they are wondering 'why is Kim channeling Martha Stewart!! (oh and no offence to Martha either lol)  .   Then this evening   I even cooked my so called' Famous Chicken Fettucine '  for dinner which we all enjoyed ,I must admit it's nice to enjoy cooking again .  So, I must get to bed as I am rather tired ,but it's a good normal sort of tired today which is a bonus too.  Have a great Week .  Heck just looking at T's photo ,he sooo needs a haircut!!  he decided he wanted to grow it a bit ,but I think it's time for a tidy up!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

An Afternoon with Maia and no Cabinet arranging !!

My Girl

This is my gorgeous, adorable, grand daughter ,she has just turned one and is the light of my life ,a cliche maybe but so true!! . She was toddling around the furniture picking up 'things " (  read breakable!) ,so I led her towards my sewing box ,a treasure I picked up a while ago,  (do you like how I say' my sewing box' -I don't sew!) anyway here she is .

She really looks the part doesn't she!!  unlike her Grand mother , I don't think the lace has seen the light of day since I put it in there!  I would love to be able to turn bits of lace and things into something, I am looking at borrowing a sewing machine and having a go at cushions ,so here's hoping!! .   My daughter (Maias mum) has the Baking gene, (which I don;t have) ! I'm not a baker ,but A does lovely baking all from scratch too! a lot of it egg and dairy free as well ,she amazes me,but I can't brag that it comes from me!!

I forgot to show these cute little nursery rhyme dishes that I also found yesterday , there were only two of them ,but they look like they are part of a series they say on the back 'Midwinter Stylecraft, Staffordshire . I will probably put them in Maias' room when she moves into her own room at home.

And's alright I'll stop soon! Look at this, all you lovers of  Vintage ' Ladies Accessories ',a vintage travel case , I was amazed at the fabulous condition of it ,I wish I had found out more of it's history.

Have a great weekend !!!!!!!