Sunday, 27 March 2011

Domestic Goddess

In my head ,this is me ,every morning, whipping up some breakfast delight for Mr T , muffins or pancakes ,or fruit bread (not sure if one can actually whip up fruit bread between 7.30 and 8) but I digress . He'd be sitting at the table with his freshly squeezed orange juice ,all dressed ,hair brushed ,perusing his spelling notebook . I would place his muffins /pancakes/fruit-bread(what is fruit-bread?)  in front of him and serenely drink my first breakfast cup of coffee ,whilst chatting about the state of the world to expand his knowledge.   I would be dressed ,fully made up ,with my hair shining (in the sunlight filtering through the french doors)....

Hmmmmm (sorry just had to wake myself up from my dream)   this wee picture is the reality !!!  Shove the muffins (bought) into toaster while calling(yelling?) out to Mr T to hurry up ,get ,dressed ,where's your notebook ,   get your notebook,    no you can't play with Jude(kitten) and find your shoes!  gulping my first coffee    and racing to the bathroom to drag a brush through my hair, then back to throw another pack of bought biccies into his lunchbox  ,and ignoring the dishes that need putting away  .     I know this Domestic Goddess is in me somewhere !  this will be the new me after my next operation .  Whilst recovering I'm going to write lists and read recipe books , envisage daily my new goddess like person. ........Watch this space!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. LOL this did make me smile - I'm slowly getting there - I get up before the kids now so that I can be showered and first coffee in me before attending to their needs.
    Still trying to work out how to get makeup on and perfect hair before getting to school - but WHY do I need that when I'm going to be at home anyway?? ??? ?

  2. Bless you. Hope your operation isnt to serious. I always get up at 6am in the morning that gives me 45 mins before i have to wake up eldest child and i can have a bath and catch up in blogland before i have to wake him etc. It works well for me ;-) dee x


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