Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunday Morning and the Bunny hopped inside!!!

I had my grandsons to stay last night  it has been all very exciting ,they all made signs so Easter Bunny would find them as they weren't at home ,they were all asleep earlier than I thought ! and up at seven to see what bunny brought.  Bunnyput them on the table this time so they were easier to find . Can you see T's face! he got a slightly smaller lot as the naughty bunny forgot his book that was promised him (oops) a quick explanation(lots of grovelling) saw him right. Strangely enough he would rather have a book over chocolate anyday.!


I then went hopping outside(yes I really did to the hysterics of the kids) to do the egg hunt ,I haven't got many places for hiding though so all morning the boys have been yelling 'here's another one!' I went a bit crazy with the camera even took one of me in the mirror!, thats the mirror thats speckled not chocolate all over my tee-shirt!   Now I'm off to get brunch organised for the rest of the family.  Have a great day!!

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  1. awwww lovely pictures and such fun. My little one has just found his eggs and chick in the garden and has just given me one of his cadburys cream eggs bless him. There faces are a joy ;-)) enjoy the rest of your day, dee x


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