Monday, 11 April 2011

Warning ........ This post could cause itching ....Argh!!!

Yes, today people we are going to talk about NITS !!! (yell and stamp feet more like!)  You know my wee mention of the child needing a haircut ,well I thought I'd check his hair(as you do)  and yep,  you guessed it (gosh wonder how)  the child had the little blighters .... I 'm from the old school where NITS were talked about in that hush hush sort of way ,well actually my Darlin daughter got them years ago but that's a whole other story (about a certain mother on the rampage threatening mass delousing at her school,but we won't go there)  anyway I was actually quite calm this time ,I felt guilty of course, because the poor boy had mentioned his head was itching like crazy a couple of days before ,but as he tends (well always actually ) to be a bit of a drama queen ,I blithely said "oh don't be silly , maybe your hair actually should be washed tonight instead of pretending to do it while singing phantom of the opera loudly at the top of your voice.(yes he really does sing the phantom in the shower)  .anyway off I trotted to the pharmacy and got into an intense nit discussing  conversation with another mum buying the treatment as well ,we had a right old yarn about them ,she was in a real bad way as she was onto her child's third lot of the stuff! .So that was my day ,I kept him home from school ,when I rang the school the lovely lady in the office thought that was the best thing to do, while assuring me 'No names would be mentioned' but she would inform the teacher to circulate the notice. Well hello? he wasn't there today and knowing my boy he will loudly inform everyone as he walks into class that he spent the day at home getting de-loused .  I love that child.  I wonder if the irritation got to his brain today actually ,his behaviour today had me thinking he had one of those defiant disorders that one reads about ,I sure labelled him a few things, most unprintable!   Still he's tucked up in bed relatively nit free ,takes a week to do the full treatment apparently ,and then we will shave the lot off again!! no4 here we come.   I felt a bit mean actually because I wasn't his usual serene sort of mother today(?)  so I got on with his pencil box I have been promising him for weeks ,he chose his design so hope he's pleased with it in the morning! he loves houses (so like me!) . It should be all varnished by after school tomorrow. Shoot loaded the wrong ones these are very fuzzy(mind you nothing new about that!) ,too late to change them as I must get to bed.

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