Monday, 18 April 2011

Stunning Autumn Afternoon ..a lazy day at home

Good afternoon and its gorgeous in west Auckland .  Just listening to my lawns being mowed ,housework's done ,just me at home ,it's lovely!  .  Mind you have to laugh at my lawn mower man ,he works in his own time and lo and behold if I dare to ask for a change of day !! he is supposed to come Mondays ,bit wet here yesterday ,so quite pleasantly surprised he turned up today!!  .

Had quite a busy day yesterday ,had  A and kids came yesterday and Mum and my niece who is staying with Nana for a few days. she is getting so grown up -(12) and she would probably hate me saying that!   I went op shopping in the afternoon  and picked up a pile of linen/tablecloths etc from mum's .  I need to iron it all ,some great retro pieces ! that I remember from years ago ,so thanks Mum.   Met a lovely lady who came to pick up a retro bread bin that I had sold her  ,Lovely to meet you M and thanks for your lovely comments about my house/collections .  My new Tea cosy arrived too, so cute for Easter!  this little cabinet was a bargain at $15.00  ,its in pretty good condition .  Love the little plate it is soooo me at the moment!  the crafty books were a couple of dollars each ,nothing else over $5.00. I was also looking for some jeans for Maia but the little girls winter clothing seems to be getting snapped up as the weather gets colder. The little print of the chair and geraniums was one I got last week  ,its a very pretty little picture. ,and the egg cups! I swore I would never collect egg cups ,but what do I do!!!???  ,and tea cosies well that a given lol ,I'm going to try and knit one myself or  crochet , if I can find an easy enough pattern.  Well I'm off to continue my lazy day ,Uk Tv ,book , my new' Your Home and Garden'  and crochet  ,multi tasking !!   Looks like I have stabbed the ball of wool with the blimmin crochet hook doesn't it!! (I really am enjoying it, truly!!)

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  1. Such a darling blog, Kim. Love your "things". It's so funny reading about your Fall day, while we're in the midst of a soggy Spring here.


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