Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pink phones and cute kittens ....

I have had another great weekend ,stayed at home mostly just pottering around . On Friday Miss cuteness aka Maia and a came in for their usual Friday visit ,we went and did a bit of shopping , Princess had a cold but she was her usual happy self  ,very cute in her new boots. T went on holiday down to his Nana's ,he has rung every night since but seems like he is having a good time ,although he said he may come home earlier than planned (oh how unusual !)  he gets so homesick! 

My  retro pink phone arrived on Friday ,I love it she is called Penelope ? for some reason it reminded me of Penelope from Thunder birds  ?? yes I  know I'm nuts!! isn't she just so cool!!  .I just have to get the connection changed so I can use it.   I have been crocheting madly too ,look at my pile now! (it's going to be one crazy blanket!)  and I got another retro spice set to add to that collection ! ...  and the kittens!!! who would have thought this time last week I would get a shot of them together!! honestly they fight all day and then I walked into the lounge this afternoon and there they were!! ,I guess they were both asleep for about an hour like this!    to top the afternoon off I made a yummy pumpkin soup and J made an Apple crumble so we had a lovely dinner  .  Looking froward to the morning no getting up early for T  ,Ive been lucky really as J had done the morning school run for the last week ,but I was still up with T to get his breakfast ,but it will be nice not having to do any thing much tomorrow morning . I've got my Gynae /Oncology specialist appointment on Wednesday , a bit nervous but hey, it needs to be got through and hopefully I will get a surgery date.   Have a great week!!

Oh and I'd almost forgotten ,this is the gorgeous vintage women's magazine called 'Stitch' I found the pattern for the squares in ,I found a pile of these magazines at the op shop last week .It  was a popular women's mag in the 40' 50' and 60's I think  my mum remembered it well . I will copy out the pattern properly tomorrow ,I thought I had done a decent close up or should i say I asked my daughter too ! but we both said we have to fiddle around with the camera more(maybe I should actually read the instructions!).... now I must find where my blog list has gone!! I keep losing things off my pages! do you think I need a computer course!!!!!

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  1. aawww your kittens are cute bless them ;-) Love the phone and pink to ;-)) Love the colours of your crochet you have been busy that will make a lovely blanket. Good luck for Wednesday hope it all goes well for you, dee x


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