Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Good Friday ....

I'm not sure if one says 'Happy good Friday' but I am ,we are having a lazy day at home,I'm going to cook a nice dinner for my boy and J and that's about it! .  I've got my surgery date,it's the 9th of May ,really please i don't have to wait to long ,it could have been the 2nd but I asked if I could have it a week later so we could celebrate T's 9th birthday on the 7th ,it was the only thing he asked he said 'Please Mummy can you be home for my birthday"  I came out of hospital on his birthday last year so we just had a quiet afternoon ,with a cake of course ,but this year I'm going all out for him,he deserves it,he has put up with too much for his years ,with losing his Dad and me being sick ,he amazes me all the time.

I dreamt about his Dad the night before my appointment at hospital  ,it was one of those dreams where he seemed so real  ,so full of life ,and he looked so well ,I woke in tears, and the grief came crashing down again ,I guess I 'd like to think he visited me in my dreams to let me know he was around and watching over me ,it was a bit of comfort to think that. We had a rocky ride of a relationship ,M and I ,but god I loved him and he me ,his health was terrible and we always knew he wouldn't live to a great age ,but the shock of his death won't ever go away ,for T especially.  Here they are,  like two peas in a pod!  it was them to a T!!  even down to the matching jackets .
Well I'm off to read my book ,Can you believe I have 10 books to read ,T and I joined the library yesterday (,well rejoined ) ,so I got a few more to add to the pile I had already.  Have a lovely day .


  1. I think people are always around still there spirits anyway its only the soul that departs. You and your son sound like you are a lovely strong unit and that's a real joy ;-) Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy your books i love to read. dee x

  2. Have a lovely Easter Weekend

  3. Lovely to meet you Kim. Im sorry to hear some of your sad story. I hope your operation goes well.. you are a brave women. Cancer is a dreadful thing. Hang in there and I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Lisa


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