Sunday, 10 April 2011

I Had A Fab Weekend !!

I am so happy and content tonight  ,I really did have a Fab weekend ,I have to use  all the superlatives like Fab and Awesome ,and Amazing ,etc etc etc lol ,as I can't think of any better words!  ,The weather was lovely esp Sat ,T ,Mum and I went to BHB market ,I only got a book and T a couple of matchbox cars .We then had a coffee and slice at a nice cafe ,it was a lovely morning.  In the afternoon just pottered around ,J (my friend and flattie  ) and her daughter were bringing some of her daughters things to store ,and we are also babysitting J's daughters kitten for a couple of days ,what a lot of fun that has been as Jude our boy is so jealous of course! .so we have to keep them separated ,but T picked them both up for a photo (excuse his PJ's )
he'll hate me putting this up so ssh!  our Jude is on the right ,not impressed !. Then a bit later on J took T to see some old cars up our street, the owner was getting them removed that day and said that T could have a look ,T was in heaven !! his favourite things ever are old classics . I was having a nap when all this was taking place so I'm so glad they took the camera. .  A great day ! .Sunday,  T again went with J and her family to the Derby held at the Domain ,they forgot the camera tho!! but T had another good day . I spent the day , first weeding my little garden and tidying up my pots ,with the help of Jude who thought it was a great game jumping on the pile of weeds and attacking my hands !!

Then I went to the supermarket to get a few thing s and home in time for a lovely visit from my cousin and friend ,it was so nice to see her ,she is a fab artist and was so encouraging about the decoupage ,even showed her my bread bin ! which I'm not that happy with ,but as she pointed out decoupage can be over the top and elaborate ,so that made me feel better and a bit inspired again ,I have two other things on the go so must get stuck in to it this week.   I don't usually buy flowers from the supermarket (heck that a long winded word !! lets just say, Countdown which is actually nearly as long but easier to type (but i digress(as per usual)) anyway....., I got a couple of small bunches that were reduced and they are quite lovely ,they looked a bit bedraggled earlier and oh  I 'ain't no' flower arranger!! but they are lovely to look at on top of my highly polished table(yep I'm still a bit crazy with my pledge!!)  some would say I need a life whilst rolling their eyes he he ,believe me, my friends do look at me at times as if they are wondering 'why is Kim channeling Martha Stewart!! (oh and no offence to Martha either lol)  .   Then this evening   I even cooked my so called' Famous Chicken Fettucine '  for dinner which we all enjoyed ,I must admit it's nice to enjoy cooking again .  So, I must get to bed as I am rather tired ,but it's a good normal sort of tired today which is a bonus too.  Have a great Week .  Heck just looking at T's photo ,he sooo needs a haircut!!  he decided he wanted to grow it a bit ,but I think it's time for a tidy up!!

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