Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where has the week gone! and yes, I say this every week! so here's Thursday's rambling(raving)

Thursday ,how  the heck did it get to be Thursday? I'm actually trying to recall what I did yesterday???? guess it's because i haven't been feeling too great (again)  a bit nauseated ,and the usual tiredness and PAIN ,yes it's in capitals because i was knocked sideways by some sort of blimmen pain ,deep sharp and blimmen horrible. immediately the thoughts of "is this it ? is this the dreaded Big C pain ,etc etc ,I don't know but it brought me almost to my knees ,and I cried ,I don't usually cry and I guess it was because of the suddenness of it .,but it  passed almost as quickly as it came ,so I'll live in my world of Denial ,I  guess it's denial ,and not think about it! I yelled at the pain though ,told it to bog off and please don't come back ,Felt good the bit of yelling !! ,good time to do it is in the car ,What people must think of me when they see this slightly deranged looking women with facial expressions that would horrify normal sane people  , never fear I drive safely ,just a lot of grimacing and talking/shouting to myself.   I have a new relaxation though  ,I started crocheting again ,I haven't crocheted for years and I'm not very good , but I'm so enjoying it ,Mum had to give me a quick refresher course ,but I've done three squares!! all different tensions etc but I'm sure I'll improve!??? (please all nod your heads enthusiastically ,thankyou)  so just watch my pile of squares grow for my new Blankie .  I added yet another sign to my sign collection (all of two now) but it will be yet another collection to add to all the rest ! It's gorgeous ,hope I can find a semi decent photo. .. Sorry not  a close up ,it says Grandma's Kitchen Memories are Made here ,cute ! and we now have a notice board that , hopefully I will actually notice the notices! (what are my chances)  I think it cost about $3.00 all up ,got the board for 50c and I put a few stickers on it!  Haven't the energy to do much else!

 I found another bottle for my little garden too ,looks like an old whiskey bottle ,or reminds me of one anyway.  Oh and I made a cake this morning ,long story short ,T had a cake stall this morning and as I was too tired last night to make it , I whipped it up this morning to be ready In time for the stall , poor J offered to take it for me ,well the thing was still warm when I iced it so the poor woman had to take a dripping cake to the stall for me ,she hastily explained and apologised for me, she told the cake stall ladies that the cake was made with love, lots and lots of love!!lol , well guess what My cake sold like hotcakes(pun intended!)   T said it was yummy and lots of people said so !! I have a photo of the whipping of cake (long story too) and please all remember I am not Nigella! and No that isn't a empty packet of cake mix that you see ,it's um a decoration . yes, well ,they said it had to be Homemade so I figure Made at Home is the same thing! and the icing WAS made from scratch!!   Well must get to bed ,here's hoping for a good day tomorrow .

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of your pain sending you a (((hug)) I wish you could show me how to crochet those squares there really lovely everyone seems to them different its so nice and relaxing to do. Your cake sounds lovely ;-)) bless you. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x


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