Monday, 16 May 2011

Changing Rooms

Well changing and having a winter clean up of my conservatory ,it is one of my favourite places in my house ,its gets the morning sun streaming in ,great to have my morning wake up coffee in there. The only trouble is lately Meow Meow decided it is her new place too! little minx I have had a few morning surprises ,so after cleaning up after her a couple of days in a row ,I did a huge clean and hopefully she has now got the message! 

It was good to have a declutter (some may think not!) and change it around a bit .

My favourite place to read

I've been feeling really well the since the weekend too ,it was good to have the energy ,despite having a upset with a friend ,I hate conflict and I have some amazing friends in my life ,but it came to a point with this person where I had to clear the air.I have no time for 'toxic people ' in my life now, so it's now up to her ,I've said my bit and feel good about it.  Thank goodness Ive started a walking regime as going for my walks for the past few days has helped to blow away the cobwebs as it were.  Speaking of good friends though ,I have never really mentioned a truly amazing friend in my life as
I wanted to protect her privacy ,I even kept the blog from her for awhile! I told her it was like my diary and she said  'Oh Great tell the whole blimmen world about everything ,but don't tell me huh!' I laughed and promised her I will mention her (in code) so, ' Miss Pickles '  you are now mentioned !!!!!!! I'll  put this one in the book too ! it's a standing joke between us that I'm writing a book loosely based on my life and our catch phrase is 'You gotta put this in the book'!!  .  Right I'm off to cook the child  honey soy chicken and rice ,his bestest mostest  favourite meal in the world apparently ?!

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