Monday, 2 May 2011

Happy May!!

It's been a busy last few days. After talking to my liposarcoma surgeon ,we have decided against surgery at this stage. I was dreading another op for a start and the nature of my tumours is that there is no guarantee that they won't grow back. I can live with them while they aren't troubling me too much ,I wish I had asked my onco first off to consult with my surgeon and from now on this is what will happen, he is the one who knows about my type of tumour more than anyone so his take on things is better option. He also said I would have my Ileostomy Bag for the rest of my life ,so I'm going through a final acceptance stage of it at the mo. I kind of knew deep down that i would always have it.

Anyway it's May!! a busy start to the month for me ,it's Mr T's birthday on Saturday so party preparations are the top of the list! we are having it at home with friends and family .Looking froward to it actually ,I'm not going to stress about every thing having to be perfect and T is a big help with the prep! .


T on the train!
Me in the tram display hall

Aunt Daisy's Kitchen!! (loved this)




T Going into OLD COTTAGE

Naughty T Caught pulling faces at this Mama

We had a great day out last Thursday ,it was poring with rain ,but I had promised T we would go to MOTAT(museum of transport and technology) so off we went ,last time I went I wasn't impressed but this time it was fab ,lots of new exhibits ,the Kiwiana exhibits were especially great .I took so many photos,  but I wont bore you all with the whole lot!! I got drenched so excuse my gorgeous appearance and to top it off my ileo bag burst so it was a mad scramble to find a disabled toilet and this is my only complaint ,it wasn't easily found ,despite following signs ,and when you have a matter of urgency like I Do, it was distressing to say the least ,poor  Mr T complained loudly  'This is Stressing me mum ,cos I can't find it for you"!! but we still had an awesome afternoon.
This last shot of T is taken outside the house my mother grew up in ,we went for a drive to it after MOTAT as its just up the hill from it. Lots of memories!!  

Ive also been busy finishing and sewing up my tea cosies ,I've really enjoyed making them.
I've put them up for sale on
Trade Me ,some one might like to buy one for their Mum for Mother's day!!

Oh and the Royal Wedding!! wow what a fabulous occassion ,T and I loved watching every minute of it !! Have all you lovely people in England recovered yet!!
*Have a Great Week *

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  1. Hi, I glad to hear that you are have sorted things out with the surgeon etc and you sound more at peace with things which is always positive ;-)) Lovely photo's i am loving that kitchen picture i would feel right at home in there. The Royal wedding was a magical day it really was great to feel a part of our history. Have a great week, dee x


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