Saturday, 14 May 2011

I love Saturdays!

I was thinking today about how much I have always loved Saturdays, no matter what stage in my life working /not working it has always been my favourite day,my mood is always up ,rain or shine ,I get a little tingle of anticipation when I wake ,and I may not even do anything but Istill love the day.I suppose it's lots of peoples' fave day . Today Mum T and I went to what I thought was the Antique and Collectable fair ,but it's actually tomorrow ,(I really need to read the paper properly!) so hopefully will get there tomorrow ,we had a nice time though ,we had a coffee and called into the library ,and yes I got out 3 more books ,I tell you I cant help myself. I'm also doing something tomorrow that I haven't done for a long time ,I am going to Church ,I have felt the need to re-connect as it were, in my spiritual life ,it's been quite a sudden decision too ,it's not something I have pondered for a while its just like a real need ,something that I really want to do. I am a Anglican and have over the years visited and gone to many other denominations ,but the Church of England is where Iwant to go back to ,I have always loved the ritual of the Anglican service ,the taking of communion and the singing,' I love singing hymns and was once in a choir at school . I really hope I get there and will force myself out of my bed/give up my lie-in!(hopefully) Watch this space!

I've been doing my crochet ,more Cosies ,I've started what I call a' Baby Cosy' range ,they fir a on to two cup pot ,they are really quite cute! I have put these up for sale on Trade me ,(I have sold 4 others now),then I have to start all the orders for one, from my family and friends!  So busy busy! ,I really enjoy crochet though ,in some ways I can't believe I didn't discover the joys of it earlier ,must be age huh ?,I learnt to crochet years ago ,but as I remember it I never really completed anything!

Right I must get ot bed ,I dozed off on the couch for and hour or so earlier so of course I'm wide awake now!

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