Friday, 27 May 2011

Saturday Lazing .

We are having a lazy hazy Saturday. I slept so deeply this morning after going back to bed at 7 , My body felt so tired yesterday ,that bone aching, heavy sort of tiredness one gets.Yesterday I had a appointment at the hospital for a colcoscopy as i had a recent abnormal smear (abnormal anything is the new normal for me so what's new!) the proccedure couldn't be performed as it was causing to much pain and discomfit ,due to the tumours in my ovaries . It was horrible and the doctor was so kind and concerned ,he basically said i was very brave for even contemplating it .I didn't want to have it done as deep down i knew it wouldn't be successful but I had to try. I will be seeing the surgeon next month so i will discuss options with him.
 So a lazy day it is! ,my white rose is still blooming! it's so pretty ,I picked a couple of buds this morning ,they still have the lovely blush of pink that they have when first opening,  It is rose planting time here so I think I will pop up to the nursery just up the road later to have a look .

I have a few more tea cosys to do .they are becoing quite popular ,I have sold a few more in the last week or so!  I have a new pattrern to try out ,it is for kniteed ones so I will attempt it today hopefully .
Finally ,my Friday snap of my girls who visit every Friday.Its a bit of a ritual .I hear a wee tap on the door and it's my my gorgeous grandaughter knocking to be let in! she is alway full of smiles for me ,just delightful, and of course her beautiful mother!

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