Monday, 9 May 2011

busy birthday weekend

We had a great day on Saturday for T's birthday . lots of fun with famoly and a couple of T's school friends. His big sister made his awesome car cake ,she is so clever with her baking !doesn't get it from me that's for sure!  I was so tired after it all ! Mothers day was nice too T made me a plate with lollies in a happy face ,forgot to take a photo . I had a big sleep in too and then we went to spend some of his birthday money that was burning a hole in his pocket! .

I'm feeling really out of sorts today ,quite grumpy actually !! everyting is irritating me ,and its all for no real reason, guess its okay to have days like this? could be a bit of anti climax from the party too I guess. 

Feeling quite proud of myself though I have sold 3 of my cosy's ,and have made a couple more. Ive been a bit quite on the op shop front lately ,not buying much ,but Igot this cute little chair for Maia ,she thinks its wonderful! .  I must get going and post off the tea cosys ,very slack grumpy post today!! . Have a great day

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  1. wow your daughter is clever that cake is fab ;-)) Its ok to be grumpy who isn't at times we can't be happy all the time it would be to tiring ;-))I do love that tea cosy its so pretty and sweet. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x


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