Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm inspired to the maximum ! ...........

Hello I'm back! hehe I rested and think  slept for a little while then i spent some time(well alot) of time catching up on all the wonderful blogs ! wow I'm so inspired by you all so thankyou for the motivation i cant wait untill I'm up to full speed again to learn  .I do get a wee bit down when I can't do what I want to do in regards to improving my photography ,I can go outsde to the garden and snap away like there is no tomorw but come inside and I lose the plot,! i guess it will improve with time and at least I can now use my right side better and see where something is ,not that I'm blind or anything but my distance is all out and things look out of place ,and all my reading this morning was a first since the operation which means my concentration is nearluy back to full speed ,so I am so grateful for that. well must go now i/ve bored myself hehe ,no seriously i lvoe writing ,it helps me so much , i am so much healthier mentally beacuse of it ,on the road back to me!!have a wonderful Sunday .

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