Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 9 ........

I needed to look at this again  tonight as I had a bad day , Feeling very self absorbed and sorry for my self off and on all day .I had the headache from hell  ,the worst one yet ,so bad I thought  I would have to go and get pain relief ,it had settled by about 6 and  I've been okay since...just okay ,  I still feel rather fragile.  I got all down about wanting to get back to 'normality 'voiced my thoughts  to my mother how I'm sick of appointments and everything to do with cancer she points   out   another appointment coming up I'd forgotten about!!??   I   tell  you it pays to not speak sometimes!! .  I don't deal with people very well anymore and I was  actually known as a good communicator  ,I know it s part of the damage to my brain but it s' a catch 22 as
I dont want to be treated any different either ,but I  guess you cant change others ,I ve just got to change the way I deal with people ,which is hard work too .  Better day tomorrow  !!!

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