Friday, 20 January 2012

So the hair is going!!!! ...................

Didn't realise Monday was the last day I posted   ,time flies when your'e having fun!!! .yes,  I was sitting at the dining table chatting to my friend and put my hand through my hair and a handful came with it ,I   yelped ,she said' What what what '?,so I   told her and we cried lol! even though I was expecting it  ,it was just like you see on the movies ,shock!!   anyway typical us,    the jokes started 5 mins later and they haven't really stopped! she is the best medicine for me is miss C .  It has been a good week since Monday ,last radiation was Tuesday ,  I got my meds upped to help with headaches and my scalp wound is being dressed daily by the district nurse ,my cleaner came ,although thats a bit of a story ...lets just say I'd like to know who trains the ladies ,she is a lovely lady but with rather strange ways of doing things ,I  will chat  her next week ,I  couldn' t the other day as I  had visitors at the same time .

My mask

bye bye hair

heal thy wound!!!!!!!

Serenity ,I have figured  out the look of the mask  ,every session I would go off to a place of calm shows .I'm pleased. I am gettng some artwork done on it  too .

Speaking of serenity ,my Meow when she is not being her often prickly self!!!! in her favourite spot on my blanket!
Today an old friend came for lunch ,    we had nothing to do with each other for 10 years and since I  got sick   we have been in contact ,we grew up togerther and gosh I missed her ....lets just say because of her amazing forgiving nature we are back on track ...I did her very wrong and well I'm just so thankful ...I am not the person I was back then but she still  had every right to not take up the friendship again ...thankyou my dear friend .   My daughter and grandchildren also came for a suprise visit so  it was extra special ,I   made the most delicious quiche ,one of the easiest  ,tastiset recipes ever!  ...I  will put a link up when I  figure out how !!   I also went to dinner at the said Miss C 's onThursday ( ,so it must have been W   ednesday with my hair) ,anyway I' m very proud of myself as part of my getting on with things is to get social again ,and I' m lucky no one minds picking me up etc ,   so yes I  feel very blessed this week . 

The best news till last,     a friend  has a property out east way ,     its one of the nicest areas of Auckland ,pretty much one long beach looking out to Rangitoto Island ,with shops, cafes,, parks is  up for rent and provided I  can rent out the top floor to make it affordable for me  , self contained studio    apartment , ( which she already has someone in mind
)       I can have it ...oh to be by the water in such lovely surroundings in a lovely cottage type house! ...fingers crossed!!  T is a bit wary as he may have to change schools ,although my friend did offer to take him  ....this has made my day!!!!   It will be so healing with the water etc please all good vibes to me !!!!!   it is 2 mins walk to the water!!! It's meant to be I know it!!!!  /watch this space  ...... Have a Loveyl Weekend   ........................


  1. Glad to hear you're still laughing through this time. I hope you have lots of cute head scarves! I love them! xo

  2. good luck to you with everything! keep that great perspective.


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