Sunday, 15 January 2012

Very tired tonight .......

I may sleep soon I think ....I  havn't slept all day so I 'm feeling it now . I   cooked a lovely roast meal for dinner tonight too which was very nice  . James my student  who mows the lawn came ,so I didnt have to do it after all!   I   did some weeding and there is still so much to do ,its a bit of a mess ,thanks to all this rain and no sun! I picked a couple of tomatos too which hopefully will ripen a bit more in the sun,when it deems to shine   .   ...My bedroom tidy up ....except look at the hole in the pillowcase!! I can't believe I didnt notice it and I  have a lot of other cases I  could have used ...I  must have been away with the fairies again ! and the bedside bookcase is on an angle...gee maybe time for lessons I  think!

My mantra and the lovely locket my sons gave me for Christmas .

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