Friday, 13 January 2012

day 8 .......and lots of white !

daytime ,so you can see it is white!!

my white roses ,I'm  picking a bunch a day .

the sun shone for 5 mins!

My un-hanging planter! I like to loook at it out my window ,its grown so much!

My favourite geranium ,growing madly now I've repotted it. ,and chillies.
I had a good day today ,went to treatment early then came home and washed all my bedding ,hung  it out before the rain ,ironed it all and remade my day bed up all in white.  I found a couple of throws in the cupboard that  I've never really used ,they are rather pretty and perfect for my all  white theme . please excuse the pics ,as per usual didn't remove foreground/background  stuff! ,one day I will get it right ! ,also  I was trying not to disturb my black cat Meow ,she looked gorgeous on the white ,  she thinks my white fluffy throw is hers!  ,but of course she jumped off!! I remade the bedroom up too , ,but its still not quite finished so     I will take some tomorrow .  I slept for a couple of hours this afternoon to ward off the nausea ,unfortunately I woke up to it too ,but it settled after I had eaten.   I'm looking forward to just staying home for the weekend  with no trip to the hospital ,still only 2 more to go ,then it will be the waiting game again untill I  have a scan.   I'll try not  to think about that too much .

I've thinking up things I  can do for my mother to thank her for the trips to the hospital and also my friend C . I've not liked mum having to do this as she should really just be worrying about herself but  I guess I  couldnt have stopped her .  If Tiare had been at school I would have used the cancer society drivers but he needed a sitter so that didnt work.  I am really blessed with the support and encouragement I get esp those I have met up with again on Facebook ,an old  friend sent me a laptop she wasnt really using yesterday ,I  mean isn't that just the nicest thing!  I get daily inspirational quotes from people too .   So yes I am a very fortunate lady!   some people have backed off and a few of them have suprised me in this ,but I guess its their issue and I cant let it affect me too much .I did this myself too,   when my beloved aunt was dying ,  I still feel tremendous guilt to this day ,as she was one person in my life that I adored ,she taught me so much over the years and always had time for me ,  I have excuses of course I do but thats all they are,   and I can't justify them in any way . Aunty Aureole ,I love  you and always will and I really really miss you .

I don't believe how wide wake I am again and it's nearly 1 in the morning ,I guess its the afternoon sleep that does it and the meds! can't forget the meds sigh .  I also can't believe how much I go on about sleep and eating ! it 's like having a baby in the house agaain except I'm the baby!!   and look how many I's are in this text ,a blog really is an' All about me thing 'isn't it?!!   Still why not? lol   I also have a headache agasin ! so I will now have to  wait up a bit longer to take some more panadol  ,I only took some at 10 (I think)  I sould really write it down at night .  I would love the  headaches to stop  ,it may take a while apparently  ,oh what joy ........... Well I think  I  will watch the movie 'Girl with a pearl earring" I have never seen it   . Hope you have a good weekend all .

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