Saturday, 14 January 2012

My favourite day ......

I know I always say it but it really is my favourite day ,although today wasn't actually that pleasant at times as I slept a lot and had terrible nausea at times , I couldn't even move sometimes and I even had to get Tiare to pass my water and it was only inches away ,  he
s gone to his aunties for the night so at least he gets to have some fun with his cousins .He said to me yesterday 'Mum can I tell you something,only don't get angry  ' I  said yes and he replied that "this has been the most boring holiday ever! and I' m  sorry for saying it ' poor  kid ,  more so that he thought he might get a telling off!   I am planning to take up home (northland)   for a break in the near furture ,my sister has a caravan at a camping ground so hopefully we can have a holiday when summer finally starts!  

 When I felt a bit better late this afternoon   I  vacuumed and dusted and wiped down surfaces etc ,I still find it hard to vacuum ,hence my   home help,   but at least I didn't trip myself up today ,I   took it slowly ,so my house is lovely and sparkly leggo in sight either!    My lawn is looking terrible ,I think I  might borrow my sis in laws mower tomorrow and do it my self ,surely I  can manage it . I love mowing lawns ,its different from a vacuum cleaner huh? don't think I   can wrap myself around it!!?
So here's a New Years Eve photo ,I'm not putting the one with the whole outfit as I still don't like to look at ALL the weight I have put on!!! and its looks like I'm growing something out of my left ear!!lol ,Tiare took it though and I think he did very well!  My hair  is a lot more patchy now ,I am losing it a bit more each day  ,not sure whether to shave it or just wait and see and just wear my scarves till it all grows back after radiation is finished  .I  have decided to keep it short though ,I like the change . here some of Tiare and I before  op I think ?welI have hair (just checked yes this is just before going into  hosp)  we were being silly lol !  and me the day I went in hospital ,can't beleive how happy I look????    that was nice  actually looking through the last couple of months of pics ,it shows  that it hasn't been all bad ,still lots of smiles and laughing amongst the sadness ,  It is good to look back sometimes to have a reminder . Also to see how much I have re arranged things in the house ! I have decluttered so much since Christmas ! and I like it so much better.    Well I must get to bed or at least lie down and read my book . I should be doing my crochet!

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