Sunday, 4 December 2011

The 'Ole' 3.45 am lark!!

Well looky here ! the  birds are almost singing !  in fact I,m sure I hear one or two .... My fault though I skited too much yesterday morning as I had nesrly 6 hours sleep
! huh ! i'ts NOT HAPPENING tonight  .My fault though really as I ran out of one of my meds ,I  had to use one of my own lot of meds in hospital and ran short for the weekend ,oh joy of joys. I've done okay but a bit of withdrawal tonight  ,it's horrible having to rely on artifical crap to get through the day at  times ,but it is part of my life now and  I really can't do much about it ...and I'm really ,really, trying to type good! ,you should see me ,my nose is so close to the keyboard I am just  about typing with it . .........and after 50 or so corrections I have got this far !   I just don't get old brain up there ,I  mean Spell check is there to ...well , ..spell check ?????   I go to use it and sit there looking blankly at words that look like all the European languages rolled into a few Swahili and  mean that with all due respect to all foreign languages .!  So I have to type ,or not, as the case seems to be . Sigh ..... 

Gosh I had a great day yesterday though ,T and I were supposed to start decorating the house for Xmas  , I knew this would be a lot for my little old head to get around cos it means lots of dis-order and a lot of getting things organised in my head in regards to colours and keeping things tidy while dressing 5 ft xmas trees  ! (See how this brain works now !!???)   so I toddled off in my ususal focused yet distracted way, putting it off and ended up in the garage where joy oh joys got, totally motivated by even more mess !    5  hours or so later ...........  I'd made a big dent in the  place!  here's a few pics ,some things I  have changed again and it's nowhere near finished ,now, that could take till after Xmas!
I still have things to go through in my cabinet in lounge that may look good in places out there so yeah, this is going to be one long on going project!

jewelery  box collection
TV!! ugh ugly thing !

jewelery box collection
looking into laundry area

my crochet

my miss mice

little shoe rack/mag table
Llyod  loom chair

oh look more mess

hung a  (tablecloth up ) it is  cream! bad light! 
a few of my op shops find prints

jewelery boxes and frames

little seating area

Well that  was a lot of nothing really !  I  ,thought I  had taken more ,  SOOOO duh!  just ran off a couple more lol !   Did you see the TV there?  I wasn't going to have one there bit it will be good t for when I put the bed in there for visitors .T and I don't have one in our rooms so I'll get some longer aerial wire today ,tv works quite good just with it hanging  there ,doesn't look so pretty though!
some of my op shop finds prints
 So as you can see there is a long way  to go! ,it will be changed I know 50 x ,it needs  painting and there ' still half a garage with junk piled high ,but its better than it was ,funny as its actually a bit messsy looking to me now whereas before I loved the whole junk shop collectible shop look,I' ve been to lots of little shops and thought I'd want the cluttered look ,but since me lovely tumour ,not so much ,I can tell just by how much I have down sized how I'm leaning towatds less is a bit more ,not totally as I stll love things to tell a story .
jewelery boxes and frames
Well looky here again ,it's morning lol , had a great a rather prodauctive time so I'm pleased ,don't know how I'll last the day but that's okay ,I am feeing good enough to function for a couple more hours untill I get to the doctors ,I'm also having a dressing change on my scar so that will be good .I washed a whole lot of my scarves(I adore scarves ) and I'm, going to get a turban or two .  I've tidied up the blog too ,headings and profile all updated so that feels productive . (with lots of correcting but its better to try harder ! I will type again!!!!!!

seating area

more crochet

llyod loom

more prints


looking down the stairs

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