Friday, 2 December 2011

Hospital days ,


Operation day today ,had about 1-2 hours sleep,now wide awake ,blimming pills ! . I'm feeling good,just want it over with now ,good to talk to the ladies in here . want to start the day now lol .It's so qiuet ,i thought hospitals are supposed to be noisy!  guess it's becaused we are all brain related ,noise not good ! I can cope woth it okay as long as its not sudden or every 1 talking at onca .I keep losing everything ...that drives me nuts! Have to check 600 x where I put things ,then have to check againg! OCD or what ,writing in this semi light too so its worse than usual . I wonder how I;.. be after - hope not too much loss of stuff ,obvuiusly better will be great .but will accept any improvement .  Driving still cracks me up
1 that's one thing that I have forgotten ,it's like I have never driven before ,was hard explaining  that to people !    Well I'm still wide awake ,so no sleep round here ,lol but i honestly feel I have had 5-6 hours sleep ,oh well not much i can do about it !    

I love my diary thanks Tiare ,you know me so well ,Good ! ,he's coming up tday ,hope it's not too much fro him and the ohers . Worry about the kids all the time .Really hit home how much theymean to me .Just want them all to be well and happy all the time ,they are all such wonderful young I made tham! he he ,  all credit to them though ,they had to put up with a lot in my back days god how selfish I was then ,children should always come first . Its not about us ,well will write more later ...Kiha kaha  Kim.xxxxxxxxx

Midnight 29 /11 /2011

Well I had the operation ,i feel happy and so so gtatedful ,I was soready to go to theatre today lol ,feel stronger thogh and typing and writing still wonky does that feel a bit clearer ? have moments of writing ok -----or Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot  lol tryiing to be clever ,so good to be abl.e  to update on FB ,i think im suprised to feel I could bit I didn' t know I could do it either lol /  feel so happy .Head is very sore but keep up pain reliefand ut bearable . Have dozed on abd off all eveningso am resting in between   time.Have eaten yay  ! god it was nice to dat! .It was very edible too ll ,I have chocolate too that C brought up ,yummy ! L and mum been here they saw the worst ,hope i dont wear them out just cos i can be a right pain in the bum lol  . Live laugh love chessy bit true ,am so grateful to be here ,mucb love Arohanui ..

Doctors been ,no change is good! back to ward from HDU today ,rehab  discussed ,down dex ....feeling good ,sore head ,though  managable   arohanui .

Yay going to ward 5 again, hopefuly about 4.Been good here but step closer to the big door and home!even better! had a good day ,lovely shower ,put some makeup on,moiturizer ,etc feels good ,see how round my face is !its to be expected tuogh ,I', just vain lol,they reduced the dex. put my photo on FBso people could see how good I am .great to be able to do that and I worked out really quickly how to do that so pleased about that ,I have a bit of trouble retaining stuff-like going back to things but thats okay too .Writing till crap too .oh well ,guess their will be times when it frustates me. Felt a bit sick after lunch but I think I did eat too much ,forgot I had some chocolate too.had a maxalon so feeling better . been a bit of a long day lol ,guess cos i,m not sleeping properly yet ,hopefully that will  improve when the dex goes down .  Can't wait to go to ward ,supposed to hav a CT too ,but that hasn't happened yet .

Feeling down tonight ,tired I guess .Try to expain to explain to peiple how tiring it all is.thay don't get it and I just come out sounding rude .Waiting for people is hard and they are all there talking and it's just white noise .Visiting is all up the wop for me cos I'm best in the morning oh well hard to be awake and quie lol . Writing still crap isn't it? / headache better though this arvo but felt sick after eating again ,had something for the nausea and then craved for lollies (C  cme and Debs and her husband and Z - lovely girl ,have always had a soft spot for her ,and mum and L . all too much really .

0050 1st dec

.Had some dozes again .Noisy in this room ,lady not well and nurses around a lot,she is often a bit confused too,so now I know what is was like when I was noiy the other day, Am looking atsky tower! took some photos quite neat really it's all green and red for Xmas !

02 -11 

Well more dozing and had some codiene ,feel like I,m  getting some rest ,hopeful have scan today sometime and ask about some stuff. uploads some photos ,i think i tagged L. Look quite good ! Its really quiet  you wouldnt think it was a noisy hospital lol ! Sky tower still green at bottom and red at top .

2nd Dec .

Goood day today ,saw physio ,occupational therapy who r oming tomorrow . May go home ? still haven't had scancyet though . Day went somewhere um visitors ,L  ,maia,M ,Maia  didnt want to go bt me but sh was okay . C and D were here .walked outside a lot and didn't get tooo down or up
!  had dex a t imies  so will sleep hoefully yay!  headache better too but writing crap! tonight tho . Had okay times of sleep ,few dreams too I think! headache really good .uploaded some photos ,i keep  getting them alll mixed up ,peole will be getting sick of me .don't thinkthat really mind though ,waiting for scan. bloody hungry! stomach rumbling mcmuffuns sound good  .L going home soon she will be okay ,just take time to adjust ,worry worry worry .though got to worry about me though ,can;t fill myhead in with others worries have to be realistic ,i'm quite hapy doing my things  in my world .

It',a relief   really ,so hard at times with M and maybe my time has come with tumour ,brought it akk out or up? interesting thought really .  well theres my notes to now ,forgot to write last night oh i did do blog . gosh i'm tired after writng all that didn't i do well lol!

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