Sunday, 4 December 2011

The actual garden by which I mean , I have no photos of on here ???????

pots of flowers
more  of the same !!
by the conservatory

rain on roese

looking towards the tyres of veges

new seeds about 3 weeks old? just starting to take off
I can't believe my self most of the time ,I been going on about my 'brain Garden and showing lots of gorgeous roses but not much esle really lol , Something has been bugging me all day and that was it!  /i rent my unit so its of course not how it would be if it were my own. but it really is coming along now ,i started it abou ta month ago from last year but not a lot done to it .especially when i was going through the junk/glass bottle/little bitty pottery jar phase !!!!! sight to behold belive me..........we now know this was all related to the tumour  ,and my crazy mind!    i was trying to get that whole effect of..........well not sure really  ....a garbage heap? a midden?  a big sandpit ........ some nice glass bottles tho ,pretty blue ones EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!! anyway here a few pics taken this morning   ,loved the rain yesterday . So theres a look at the back and yep I ,ve hardly taken any at all of the deck/terrace !  or frogotten ,i will have to look throug a few more tonight . Now i must head back to the pit  before i have a nana nap ,feeling a wee bit jaded now after the doctors and going to the lobrary ,i cant read read like i used to but nothing will stop me trying ,and i got a couple of xmas deco books and food to heal your life books ! they will be intersesting concdiering my love ot it at the mo .!!!!!!   oh and i wore my mum out again poor thing she is too old for this ,its supposed to be the other way round !!!!!
looking  into conservatory and kitchen
rosy red

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