Thursday, 29 December 2011

If in Doubt .......don't !

Meaning I'm still in a bit of a mood,   actually it feels hormonal more than anything which i guess is still possible ?  I went   through menopause rather quickly at the beginning of the year ,cant remember really but today its   definitely like hormones raging ! I am tearful ,and very inclined to snap at anyone and anything!  hence the if in doubt !   don't say a word! either to me or visa versa!    .  Hope I  improve by New Year as I'm going to a party at C's ,   its mainly just us girls and I'm looking forward to it .....I hope I    feel okay that day ...I  am still  sleeping a lot of the afternoon away and so I hope I  can get motivated enough to enjoy going .    The support  worker was supposed to start today but I put her off till next week as 4 oclock in the afternoon is just the wrong time for me as I  'm usually in the land of nod . ,I expected her last week ,and she didn't show so  I  guess next week we will get the show on the road as I  changed time to morning . 

my tomatoes
I took  some pics of my scar so look away as i thought it was all healed ,nearly there though ,actuaaly no i won't cos it ain't exactly 'beautiful'  !  will wait till its looking a bit better ,i put lots of aqueous cream on tonight to help with the scabing as of course i do pick at it,   sorry gross i know but i think it's something most people do .  pleas excuse typing again too  ,,i have a bit of dropsy again ive noticed so a bit weak on the right again,.  so heres some pics of my tomatos!! how exciteing huh ,just wish we had some sun to ripen them !

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  1. I would totally pick the scab as well! I have a little cut on my leg that I was about to pick today. I really hope you're okay for the New Years party! I'm loving home grown tomatoes at the moment, must eat at least 5 everyday xo


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