Thursday, 15 December 2011

Blah Blah Blah

A blah day!  kind of boring really ,god ,  I really have been like a chipmunk on speed  ,everything is so SLOW now  . I walk slow , talk slow , think slow (well that hasn't changed actually )   .I've just woken up from sleeping since about 8.30 ish  . Still guess it hasn't been as bad as I thought except for the blah ness .

Had a major panic attack about xmas ,I  really must buy some presents or at least finish shopping .I'm a great one for  cleaning  up the minutist spillage of something pronto  !                                                                                                                                              
 ,but mention shops ,shopping ,shopping malls in quick sucession and I'll
 procrastinate till the cows come home .  Luckily I have a quite a few things that I have bought over the past year in a wardrobe , provided they are still there of course ,they could have been biffed in my mad clean up ??.   ,and I've had so many requests for Tea cosy's ,that there will be a few of them under the tree  ,luckily I  have quite a stock pile of them , I  was a rather prolific maker of tea cosy's for a while!  and yesterday I actually picked up a crochet hook and managed to crochet! its not the best tension ,but its okay just for the achievement value  ,the only thing I'm finding hard  is the mess of the wool ,it hurts my brain!  I spend more time rolling the ball of wool up neatly than the actual crochet.
Tea cosy  in the making


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