Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hello Sleep !

I've been sleeping ! yes , nodding off all over the place  ,its quite weird ! can't say I'm enjoying it though as it just inerfered with my day yesterday . got so used to being busy and having a schedule for everything that any change rocks the boat .  I guess that's the ocd , . I knew I'd start to sleep after stopping the dex ,but I thought I'd enjoy it more .  I'm still up early but I slept from 12 .   I really don't mean to moan as I know I  need to sleep ,its the routine thing I'm sure and hopefully that starts to settle too . 

I'm supposed to be getting my  stitches out today and getting groceries ,  yes,  I spoke with the doctor and got a 'We wondered where you went ,the doctor was looking for you'  ! I  just repeated about the patience thing but it really went  over the receptionists head    lol so back to normal then!! I will email gp though  with my concens ,  and its not just about me ,I   have watched so many people waiting there almost loosing the will to live!  I  just dont get how they seem to ignore it ,we all expect waiting time of course we do ,but we should not accept giving our life over to the place for almost the whole morning or afternoon, we have lives too!     So I will see how I go  ,I'm too tired now to go there ,so my dramatic exit the other day backfired somewhat cos now I haven' t got the energy !!   
Xmas cracker made by my eldest son 10 years ago (very precious to me )
bits of the tree!
Merry Xmas .

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