Friday, 16 December 2011

Strength and Friends ..............

from Brain Tumour Buddies  ,wonderful messages to inspire  ,
I get asked all the time 'How do you hold it together? '   To me there is no other option  ,I have children who I value most out of anything  ,I want to watch them grow ..  I'm no stronger than the next person and it's life that has taught me strength  , and  I use what I have learnt to 'keep it together'  . 

I couldn't get through the day though without the support and love I  recieve from my family and friends ,I  have been so lucky and see,  this is where good, good ,things come from not so good  ,I have reconnected on Face Book  with girlfriends I grew up with ,after so many years out of each others lives it's  like we have never been apart , we laugh and sometimes cry ,send each other jokes and quotes and messages of inspiration ,It is wonderful .  My dear friend whom I  have known for the last 8  years rings me everyday just to say Hello ,she will  drop everything and come if I ask . I am so blessed and grateful for these wonderful women in my life.

Yay it's Saturday tomorrow ,my fav day  . I haven't any plans really , today
I slept for 3 hours again so this resting business is really kicking in now .  I did a bit more of my Tea Cosy ,I would have finished it by now in the past ,but I'm happy with how I'm going . I would like to make at least 3 more for presents ,I think I'll do the little ones  it will be quicker .

I'm reading again too !  this is so good ,I  started a new book today ,a good light read and am really enjoying it, I m not as fast as I used to be and don't read for as long, but I'm reading and comprehending
 this is great progress for me. 

Have a Fabulous Weekend

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