Friday, 25 November 2011

in the pink!

its a pinky day today !  god u coudl tell how 'fiery ' the old brain was in the last few.days!  all that red and whorling flowers ,(is whorling a word??! poor brain huh ,what a relection on the state of my mind,god !tho i think as it all about depicting the emotion im goin g thru .  i think im quite rational u no!  lol  but i know it is all part of having the tumour and the ,images and emotion that come with it .i feel pink today which means i think im calm and everything feels 'pretty!  so its a sweet feeling  today altho it was a bad night ,i  tried to bake some biccies for tiares school kapahaka concert today ,well the condensed milk ended  up going down the plug hole ! 4got where the flour was supoesd to go etc etc! ill get them done today ! i never was a baker tho lol so wht coul i expect lol!   i get so agitated aboutt he most simple things !   stressing bout goin out 2 day ,but i need 2 do it for tiare ,.     its good to feel pink today

my fav coulour  will help me a lot ' think pink and sweet thorts!!!!  healing i think .well im off to get ready 4 the day ,find some clothes that fit !!  terribl.e the weight im putting on ,but gosh im enjoying my food!!!!!!

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