Thursday, 24 November 2011

paint it white !

had an awsome day painting .its not done great but great for the garage room,i must stop calling it the garage room !  so mich to do still before hospital on monday ,but ill get there! had major second thoughts 2 day ,freaked my mum out i think but al good now  ,this is boun 2 happen .anyway loving my work aroun the place/shed 2 day .  thank  u lovely ladies who hav commented on my page  .i lve tus community ,and to meet talented women such as you is a pleasure.  mist go and do dinner its chiken and chip nite and im starving as per usual!!!!!!!!   michelle ,i wish i could do spell chec hehe but the abilitey has gone it looks like even more doulbl,dutch that now teh words just mix???? lol  ,........i hav a very strange brain !!!!!!!!!! to put it mildly ????!!!!!!

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