Sunday, 27 November 2011

gosh im tired!!!!

had a good day today but i'm a bit had it!!!   spent the day as home tyding  up and half heartedly getting reday for hospital tomorrow . i guess it will all get done ,. im not typing well at all! ,so this will be short .  cnat think bout stuff too mich or it does my head in a bit .  house is all nice and tidy and clean   ,god hope i dont lose all my new found mad house wife skills!    i did a bit more painting ,but ran out of paint ,so that will all have to wait till i get home ,still so much to do in the shed but looking 4 ward to doing it .   if i  didnt stress so much about every1 worrying bout me it would help   ,i hav no patience with some people ,its weird ,i get so irritable where i never used to  oh well ,guess i just get used to the new me and i'll hav the op and lose all my new found  me !!.i actually hope not all of it cos boy hav i seen the light about so many things !!! it actualyl been a really insight ful process ,and i really dont  want a lot of the old Kim back ! i like me a lot now ,its a neat feeling ,that why im writing all this  down so i can look back and remeber the new  Me .     if i dont write 2 morrow its probabll cos i wont hav time .  thans 4 listenting and I''LL BE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much sunshine and happiness .

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