Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well the day is here ! Operation lift off !!!!!!!111

gee don't  i sound all posiiveand full of the joys lol   ! yes i am feeling good ,love my drugs love my drugs!!!   thort i'd be a bit grumpy  or out of sorts but i'm good ! not muhc sleep bit didnt really expect much ,my mind is too busy !  i hav lists upon  lists   never been so organised!!!     great i just got distracted and 4 got wat i was goin to say it  was all deep and meaningfull too !   any way it s a;ll abit crazy isnt it  ,,goin off to have my head drilled into !!  srtangest feeling ! i'm derading the after affecst im not good coming out of an anastehtic  i go a bit ,or lot loopy ,but as long as its normal loopy !!hehe  not many peolpe do come ot normal lol  .    well i think im a bt hyped to write too much more,wish me luc huh i'll take all i can get!!!!!!  c uon the other side ,i'..leave u with some more of my garden . Sunsihine and happiness .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooo'

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  1. sending all the luck your way, will be thinking about you xoxo


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