Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cup of Tea anyone? - Just gorgeous!!!!

Isn't my new tea cosy the most gorgeous work of art?  I had a bit of a bidding war over this ,but it was so worth it!  I didn't actually have the right size tea-pot so Iwent to the op shop and got this one .  The lady who I won it from is so clever I think ,the detail is amazing.  I will be keeping a keen eye on her for more !! 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend ,I am  ,still feeling a bit of nausea but thank goodness for maxalon ,it's a life saver!   I have nearly finished the bread bin ,it's turned out so different to what I first had in mind ,she's just kind of evolved into this very over the top, shabby roses ,kitschy ,some would say too much kind of thing!! ,still  have a way to go till finished  so who knows how she will eventually turn out  .Ugh excuse the mess  , I'm a messy  cook too!! .                    Have a great Sunday everyone  ,I  must remember to turn my clock back ,guess winter really is on it's  way.

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