Wednesday, 6 April 2011

All of a sudden it's Wednesday!

I've not been very well for the past couple of day's and now it's almost Thursday!  Feeling much better now though .  I've still managed to pop into the op shop today though on the way to school ! got these cute little books,another tin! and a cane basket .  On Saturday T and I went to the blockhouse bay market ,we got there too late but I got a little cottage ceramic? picture and T was beside himself because he spied a couple of vintage matchbox cars so he was allowed an advance on his pocket money!   Also I made a start on my newest collection of retro spice sets. Yes another new collection!! I need help lol .  T and I have a date for this Saturday ,off to the Blockhouse Bay market then Looking around Dominion Road and having a nice lunch somewhere ,he's not been very happy today  ,lots of missing his Dad,(18 mnths today since he died) and his big brothers who live in Australia ,so we rang them and he was much happier ,he breaks my heart tho ,he said 'it's a pity I can't ring Dad though aye mum'  . Ironically he brought home a form from school about doing a course on grief for children called "Seasons" ,so he will be doing that next term ,I was so pleased ,I have tried to find something like this for him before but I didn't think of asking the school ,it couldn't be better timing. 

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  1. I am so sorry to hear you have been poorly and the loss of your husband and your little boys father it must be so hard for you all. That's good that the school are able to work with him and in a familiar environment will make it easier to i am sure. Its great when you collect things i like vintage spice jars in fact i like anything vintage ;-) enjoy your weekend, dee x


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