Thursday, 7 April 2011

Time for a cabinet re-arrange and 'Cute Mice"

I am going to attack this tomorrow !! ,it's bugged me for ages and I'm going to do it!! (and find something for the shoes!) 

Here is a couple of cute finds I got today  ,a cute little print of an old Tobacconist/Confectionary shop and meet Maude ,Molly ,Thea ,and Jeronimo ?(Mr T 's  contribution)  (yes we named them) the lady at the op shop insisted I have all 4! for the grand total of $2.00 and the little print was also $2.00 . Cute aren't they (I think!) I know Maia my grand daughter will love them!! Please excuse the over use of 'Cute"  the detail in them is quite something.


  1. Love the little mice! Adorable! Wonderful blog! Thank you for the lovely comments on mine! Have a great week!

  2. Look at all those delightful goodies in your cabbie - I hope you use them EVERY day ::)) in EVERY way !! !!


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