Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Post OP Review on a gorgeous Summers Day ! ......what could be better?!

I had my review yesterday with the neurologist and it was good news ..he has signed me back to my oncology team and dosn't need to see me unless anything untoward happens again . I am so happy ,I was very nervous today which isnt like me ,but this news is the best ,I   still have to have a follow   up to radiation scan,  but to not have to go to yet another specialist regularly   is like a holiday!  I asked about my co-ordianation and thinking processess and he basically said what they always said 'any improvement is good ,no change for the worst is good and that it takes a few months after brain surgery to recover too what even seems normal .

Tiare and I had a wee celebraton ,I   made some cupcakes   .A lot of my recovery is down to this incredible boy of mine ,he has coped so well and it has been hard for him a   lot I know .We are good talkers though ,we argue ,and laugh,   and cry together , he stands up to me and also  is so compassionate .Thankyou bub ,we are so proud of you ,your dad will be smiling from up there !
me and my boy
happy 6 week milestone
thanks bub 
I' m awake sooo early ! but I went to bed early and I only really get about 4 hours straight  .Still it is good to have a head start today as I' m sorting things for my mini garage sale on Saturday ,.
I' ve been listing on trademe too ,mum said I  can sell some peices as there is a bit of it so I' ve kept back the real heirloom ones and selling the rest .  Well I'm off for a cup of tea ,  oh and the summers day we had really was a pure Auckland gold summer day ,hopefully today will be the same .

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