Thursday, 26 January 2012

Garage sale ......moving on!

Hi   all ,I'm having a garage sale from  today till its all gone if your in Auckland, Waitakere esp come along ,  I  wont put address on here(i was told not too?)   ,oh I 'll say the road ....Hepburn road      Glendene  and you will see the sign .but if you go to kim   murray  @facebook ? under create event   under auckland .or e mail me   I have a photo with the white scarf on .I am selling clothes  ,lamps ,linen ,toys ,heaters ,you name it I ve probably got it ! there will be a donation given to the Cancer Society NZ  ,which I  will be handing over to my Social Worker to hand on ,this will be photographed and recorded . So come along even if its just to say hi ......have a lovely day everyone  . 

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  1. Wish I was near by....would love to stop in and check it all out!


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